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What is Acupressure Massage? (Acupressure Points)

Acupressure is a type of therapy and medical massage practice that has been practiced for millennia. Acupressure is designed to work towards the treatment of ailments by using the body's various energy centers and nervous systems. Today, acupressure is used as an alternative health experience. Acupressure has helped treat many types of diseases, but it can also be effective with many problems that still exist.

Acupressure History and Massage Practice

Acupressure derives from the Japanese phrase "fielding pain by pressure". The origin of the process goes back to the origins of Chinese medicine about 5000 years ago. is declining. At that time, Acupressure was a form of therapy used in conjunction with acupuncture in China for the treatment of many ailments such as arthrosis and other joint pains. Although acupressure was valued as a branch of the Chinese and Japanese healthcare systems, it was not well known to those far from these two countries. However, over time, acupressure began to gain popularity as many principles of Chinese medicine were accepted to the West. Today, acupressure is seen as a much easier applied therapy field than acupuncture.

How is Acupressure Applied?

It is treated by applying pressure to acupressure points. The amount of pressure applied by a specialist Acupressure therapist is determined according to the characteristics of the human body and the patient's ailments. Acupressure points are located on various parts of the body, such as the head, shoulders, arms, back, groin, toes, and legs. These positions are important for stimulating the nervous system.

Benefits and Function of Acupressure Massage

A few weeks of acupressure therapy has been shown to have numerous benefits for a variety of physical problems. Generally, acupressure is effective in reducing pain, improving circulation and breathing, relieving muscle tension, reducing stress, treating headaches and other habitual ailments such as obesity and the digestive system. Acupressure has often been shown to benefit patients from better sleep and improve their quality of life.

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Is Acupressure Massage Risky?

Acupressur is generally a safe practice and does not have serious side effects; however, in some cases it can cause serious problems to patients. In this context, there is a possibility that there may be some mental or physical disorders resulting from the application of acupressure. To avoid inappropriate experiences, an effective and professional therapist should be selected.

Most Important Result

As a result, acupressure uses the body's resistance by applying sequential pressure to the natural brain; It is a natural messy and therapeutic way to trigger nervous and intervention systems. Acupressure therapy responds to the IPEK system, regardless of the affiliation of the desired concerns or the techniques used in the treatment of diseases available in the medical field. The advantages of acupressure should be considered despite its risks, controlled by the appropriate specialist.

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Born in 1984, Dr. Didem Gündüz completed her education at the Faculty of Medicine. After specializing in internal medicine, she completed her higher education in dermatology. Didem worked in various public hospitals for many years and is currently serving her patients in a private clinic.

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