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  • Is coffee a base or an acid?

    Is Coffee Acid Or Base? Here is the Answer!

    In high school chemistry class, you learned that some substances are acids and some are bases. No need to split atoms! The pH level of the substance determines the acid or base classification. So is coffee an acid or a base? Coffee […] More

  • wilkinson pomade

    Wilkinson Pomade Usage and Considerations

    Wilkinson Pomade is an itch relief cream with sulfur as the active ingredient. In addition to its itching and soothing properties, the ointment is also extremely effective on skin imperfections such as psoriasis, eczema and acne. […] More

  • What does fucidin cream do?

    What Does Fucidin Cream Do? What Is It Used For?

    Fucidin cream is a type of antibiotic cream used in the treatment of inflammatory wounds, skin disorders and blemishes caused by bacteria on the skin. When the cream is used regularly, inflammation in the hair follicles, acne on the skin […] More

  • How long does it take for vitamin d deficiency to be fixed?

    In How Many Days Does Vitamin D Deficiency Recover?

    Vitamin D deficiency can make you feel tired, weak and depressed. If you suspect that your vitamin D level is low, you should definitely go to your doctor and have your vitamin D values ​​measured. So how many days does the vitamin d deficiency get better? D […] More

  • how to get rid of knee pain

    What Causes Knee Pain? How Is Knee Cap Pain Treated?

    Being overweight puts a load on the supporting muscles of the knee and increases the pressure on the kneecap while on the move in daily life. Therefore, this causes knee pain and increases the likelihood of knee injury. […] More

  • postural disorder

    Posture Disorder Causes Permanent Pain!

    In daily life, bad posture, that is, posture and posture disorder, actually pushes us to irreversible injuries without realizing it. Bad posture, on the other hand, is basically caused by many things. A generally sedentary life […] More

  • vitamin c serum

    What is Vitamin C Serum? Which Is The Best?

    Did you know that vitamin C, which we take as a supplement against the flu, especially in the winter months, is also beneficial for the skin? It is possible to restore your skin, which has lost its freshness and vitality, to its former health with vitamin C serum! Protective […] More

  • what is restless leg syndrome

    What Kind of Disease Is Restless Legs Syndrome?

    Do you suddenly feel distressed and start shaking or shaking your legs in a way you can't help? If so, you may be suffering from Restless Legs Syndrome. Of course, without a specialist diagnosis, a definitive […] More

  • 3rd dose BioNTech side effects

    Side Effects of BioNTech Vaccines (After 3rd Dose)

    After Covid-19 Delta and then Omicron variants, BioNTech 3rd dose and even 4th dose vaccination has gained speed worldwide. There is still a concern about side effects in those who do not have the third dose of vaccine. […] More

  • electronic cigarette harms

    What are the harms of electronic cigarettes?

    Normal cigarettes obtained from tobacco containing nicotine are now being replaced by electronic cigarettes, especially in young people. The electronic cigarette, on the other hand, consists of a liquid chemical liquid with a bar of various aromas. Instead of tobacco, it actually burns liquid […] More