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Does Putting Objects Under the Bed/Base Affect Our Health?

Every corner of your home tells something about you. Your bedroom is a particularly special place. Here you can rest, relax and feel your best. However, not everything in your bedroom is good for you. For example, the items you hide under the bed can negatively affect your health and mind.

1. Effects of Accumulating Items Under the Bed on Physical Health

Placing items under the bed can block airflow under the bed. This can increase the humidity of the bedding, which can create a breeding ground for dust mites or, more seriously, lead to mold growth. Particularly in the case of mattresses made of memory foam or natural materials, clogging of the area underneath can cause moisture to accumulate in and under the mattress and cause heat build-up. 1.

2. Effects of Underbed Clutter on Mental Health

Clutter in the bedroom can also affect sleep quality and overall mental health. Studies have shown a direct correlation between high levels of bedroom clutter and sleep deprivation. Even if you don't realize it, the messiness of a bedroom registers in your brain as a task that needs to be completed, creating stress on a conscious and unconscious level.​​ 2. During sleep, our brain clears and renews the stress accumulated throughout the day. This process becomes more effective when stressors such as clutter in the bedroom are reduced..

3. Clutter in Physical Space and Its General Effects on Mental Health

The clutter of physical space can also have negative effects on overall mental health. Research shows that the clutter of physical space has a negative impact on overall well-being, increasing stress, reducing productivity and leading to unhealthy habits. 3. These effects are not limited to the bedroom, but can also apply throughout your living space.


Storing items under the bed can have significant effects on both physical and mental health. When this space blocks airflow, it can lead to moisture and mold problems, while clutter can also have negative effects on mental health and sleep quality. Reducing clutter in your home and creating an organized living space can be an important step in improving both your physical and mental health. Therefore, keeping your bed under the bed as tidy as possible and clearing it of unnecessary items will be beneficial for your general health.

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