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  • 6 High Protein Vegan Foods!

    Although vegan nutrition is found attractive by a large part of the population, it is not preferred because the body cannot get enough protein. However, protein is not only found in meat and animal foods. In fact, the need for protein in daily life is great […] More

  • low calorie foods

    List of Healthy and Low-calorie Foods

    A healthy diet is important at every stage of life. For this, it is not enough to pay attention to a regular diet and nutrition plan. Healthy low-calorie snacks are also part of the weight loss process. […] More

  • dangers of eating fast

    The Harms of Eating Fast Food

    One of the most frequently asked questions by those who want to lose weight is "Does eating fast food make you gain weight?" Let alone gaining weight among the harms of eating fast food, […] More

  • vegan nutrition vitamins

    Vitamin and Mineral Intake for Vegan Nutrition

    Despite their healthy diet, vegan people often face mineral and vitamin deficiencies. This situation, which can be overcome as long as it is fed adequately and consciously, often causes anxiety and […] More

  • How should an athlete eat?

    How Should Sports Nutrition Be?

    Sports and nutrition are two important concepts. However, in order to understand the relationship between these concepts, we need to know how athletes should be fed. Our starting point is the energy, protein, carbohydrate […] More

  • belly fat melting

    How to Lose Belly Fat? (Best Tips)

    Fat formation in the abdomen and belly area greatly restricts the ability to move in daily life. Especially swollen and excess belly fat creates the effect of carrying a big load on our body. In the navel […] More

  • enteral nutrition

    What is Enteral Nutrition? Products and Complications

    Enteral nutrition is medically expressed as tube feeding. In other words, it refers to feeding with the help of a tube that goes through the mouth, stomach or directly into the small intestine. Protein, fat, carbohydrates and vitamins that the body cannot get […] More