Which Doctor Performs Circumcision?

Which doctor performs circumcision? does? It is very important for boys to be circumcised from infancy, but some people prefer to have it circumcised after they reach a certain age. But today, this has undergone a huge change and circumcision of boys in infancy has become more popular. For this reason, people who have become new parents directly Which doctor performed the circumcision? makes he asks. Moreover, circumcision from infancy is of great importance for the healthier development of a child. Doctors say that circumcision in infancy is very good, and a pediatric surgeon or pediatric urologist will be on duty to perform the circumcision.

Which Doctor Performs Circumcision?
Which Doctor Performs Circumcision?

Especially regarding this issue, some questions such as who performs circumcision or where to find a circumciser come to the fore. However, the most important thing to know at this point is that although we are used to circumcisers performing circumcisions in ancient times, it is important to note that this is both unhygienic and medically harmful. Since it is a completely medical thing, it must be performed by a doctor and circumcision in a hospital environment is of great importance.

At what age should circumcision be performed?

Mothers and fathers of male children are generally confused about some issues such as circumcision. The most curious thing at this stage is at what age children should be circumcised. At what age should circumcision be performed? For parents who may be confused about this issue, it is generally recommended that children be circumcised at a young age. Because the earlier circumcision is performed, the better the development is achieved and the more effective it is both in terms of religion and the health of the child.

If you have a boy, the age for circumcision generally varies between 3 and 10. But waiting until the age of 10 is a little more dangerous. For this reason, what needs to be done more is to have him circumcised at the age of 3 or 6-7. Psychologically, children who are very old are not circumcised or circumcised may cause trauma. For this reason, we generally see that doctors recommend the age range between 3 and 6-7 years.

It is also worth noting that circumcision at a young age is very advantageous for a child. It is very important to ensure that he does not feel bad by undergoing such an operation and also to avoid psychological trauma. In addition to all these, a much younger age group, such as 3-4 years old, is extremely ideal for children's wounds to heal better and for the pain of such an operation to be felt less.

Which Doctor Performs Circumcision?
Which Doctor Performs Circumcision?

At what age is circumcision performed at the State Hospital?

Circumcision of children is of great importance in terms of health and therefore this issue needs to be thoroughly researched. At what age is circumcision performed in a public hospital? The answer to a question like this starts at the age of 3 and continues until the age of 7 or 8. At the same time, we see that people who have the means prefer private hospitals to have circumcision performed. At this stage, it will be sufficient if the health conditions are very good and the hospital provides service in a hygienic environment.

Which Doctor Performs Circumcision in a State Hospital?

Which doctor performs circumcision in a public hospital? We are often faced with a question like this. For this purpose, the equipment of that hospital and the doctors it employs should also be examined in terms of outpatient clinics. If the hospital in question has a Pediatric Surgery department, a doctor will provide circumcision services. At the same time, we see that the pediatric urologist also performs this procedure.

In general, the question of whether circumcision can be performed in a public hospital is frequently asked at some point, and this issue that comes to the agenda mostly covers a situation related to hygiene. For this reason, it is of great importance to choose hospitals that leave a good impression in terms of hygiene.

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