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  • The most effective methods to burn fat fast

    6 Most Effective Methods and Tips to Burn Fat Fast!

    We all want to lose weight and achieve a fit and healthy appearance. However, it is not always easy to get rid of excess edema and fat in the body. On the contrary, it is often quite difficult to lose weight and lose weight […] More

  • diet chia dessert

    Diet Dessert Recipes: Lose Weight Eating Sweets!

    For those who want to have both diet and dessert in their life, here are diet dessert recipes! Low-calorie dessert recipes that you can't resist the taste of and that you can consume with peace of mind that doesn't spoil your diet are in Fitness Magazine! You […] More

  • What is the Aristotelian diet?

    How Effective is the Aristotelian Diet for Weight Loss?

    When we say losing weight, the first method that comes to our mind is diets. It is our desire to lose weight in a short time by always choosing the most effective one among the diets. The aristocratic diet, carefully and faithfully […] More

  • consuming alcohol on a diet

    Is Alcohol Consumed in the Diet?

    Does alcohol consumption in the diet spoil the diet? Does drinking alcohol make you gain weight? Which alcohol does not make you gain weight and does not break the diet? More

  • What is the elimination diet

    What is an Elimination Diet? How is it done?

    The main purpose of the elimination diet, which is applied for 5 to 6 weeks, is to identify the foods that the person has food allergies. Foods that are thought to have an allergic effect on the body are not consumed for a while with the elimination diet. […] More

  • shock diet

    Don't Lose Your Health by Going on a Shock Diet!

    From time to time, we are in a hurry to lose weight, burn fat, and lose weight fast in 1 week. We are uncomfortable with our image in the mirror, we try to fit into the wedding dress, we want to look beautiful in our bikini. We understand that the problem is a weight problem. […] More

  • chicken salad recipe

    How to Prepare Chicken Salad? (Practical Diet Salad)

    When the salad we eat with every meal is with chicken, diet times become an indispensable meal even alone. In this article, we present to you the best chicken salad recipe that you can eat while losing weight, that is, while on a diet. More

  • dukan diet

    How to Lose Weight with the Dukan Diet List?

    The Dukan diet was inspired by a former French doctor from an obese patient. The obese patient followed a plan by taking high protein with the Dukan diet list and staying away from carbohydrates and fats. […] More

  • Mediterranean diet

    What is Mediterranean Type Nutrition, How Is It Applied?

    When we say Mediterranean type diet, Italian pizza may come to mind immediately. However, the Mediterranean diet does not support this type of diet. In a true Mediterranean diet, traditional vegetables and fruits of the Mediterranean region, nuts, […] More