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Say Goodbye to Snoring with the Snoring Prosthesis!

Snoring is among the biggest problems of many people. Snoring, which also causes serious health problems, is the whole of the noisy sounds that occur as a result of the air flow rapidly passing through the narrowed airway as a result of the relaxation of the soft tissues in the respiratory tract, vibrating the unsupported tissues such as the soft palate and uvula. snoring prosthesis

While some snores are at an acceptable level and less severe, in some cases, the severity of snoring increases and reaches the next door neighbors. The common features of people who snore are that they do not know about it and do not accept it. People who snore admit that they snore when their spouses or family members say they snore.

Why Do People Snor?

It is known that among the causes of snoring are factors such as excessive weight, alcohol consumption, sleeping on the back, using antidepressants, excessive fatigue, deformities in the nose, and mouth and jaw structure. Snoring, which is a very important disease that cannot be described as just making an annoying sound, can be a harbinger of serious health problems. Snoring is also a harbinger of very serious diseases such as sleep apnea, which causes cardiac arrest during sleep.

causes snoring
Causes and symptoms of snoring

Do Snoring Devices Work?

In order to prevent snoring, people seek various ways. In this context, various methods such as snoring pillows, vegetable oils, nasal apparatus, nose strips, anti-snoring watches, anti-snoring chin bands are tried. The most widely used of these methods is the snoring apparatus. Snoring devices, which can be easily obtained from many points, including online shopping sites, are unfortunately not a solution to the problem of snoring, despite their widespread use.

Snoring at night while sleeping
Snoring at night while sleeping

Snoring devices are used by placing them in the nose. However, as we explained above, snoring is basically an event that occurs in the throat. The snoring apparatus will have little effect on snoring as it will increase the amount of air passing through the nose. The anti-snoring device will be a temporary solution for its users.

Use a Snoring Prosthesis Instead of Appliances

Other methods, especially the snoring apparatus, do not give successful results in the treatment of snoring. These only reduce the severity of snoring for a short time. One of the most effective and beneficial methods of snoring is using a snoring prosthesis. The snoring prosthesis, which gives 95 percent successful results from the first night of use, is the easiest, most economical and most effective treatment method in the treatment of snoring.

Snoring Prosthesis is Personalized

It is not a product that you can order from outside like other apparatus. It is used by being specially designed for the person. Your daily life will not be affected because you will use the snoring prosthesis, which is similar in structure to a boxer's teeth, by simply putting it in your mouth before going to sleep at night. The snoring prosthesis, which gives positive results at the level of 95 percent from the first use, adapts to your mouth quickly without requiring any surgical intervention.

The snoring prosthesis, which is specially prepared according to your mouth structure, allows the lower jaw to be positioned forward and downward as it will be seated on your teeth. Thus, the tissues piled up backwards during sleep will be recovered and the airway will be prevented from being blocked. This will prevent your snoring and sleep apnea completely. The snore prosthesis, which is very simple to use, is also very easy to carry. You can easily use the snoring prosthesis, which you will keep by putting it in a special storage container, in your boarding guests. Except for your spouse or family members lying next to you, no one can notice that you are using a prosthesis for snoring.

Dr. Meet Tuğrul Saygı Get Rid of Snoring

Why is Property for sale in Turkey active? snoring treatment has been working effectively in the field for 17 years. Jaw and Facial Prosthesis Specialist Dr. Tugrul RespectWith the snoring prosthesis, it has been a solution to the snoring problem of thousands of people until now. If you want to treat your snoring problem, Dr. You can have a free examination at Tuğrul Saygı's clinic, and you can get rid of your snoring problems thanks to the snoring prosthesis that will be specially prepared for you as a result of the examination. The snoring prosthesis, which shows its effect from the first use, prevents sleep apnea, the result of which can lead to a heart attack, as it prevents snoring. Reviews of users using snoring prosthesis It will also make a great contribution to you in taking the first step in treatment. Always with you for a comfortable sleep and a healthy life, Dr. You can reach Tuğrul Saygı's clinic by calling +90 541 363 34 54 and make an appointment.

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Born in 1984, Dr. Didem Gündüz completed her education at the Faculty of Medicine. After specializing in internal medicine, she completed her higher education in dermatology. Didem worked in various public hospitals for many years and is currently serving her patients in a private clinic.

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