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Who is Powerlifter Tuna Tavus? Height – How old is he?

In this article, we will talk about powerlifter athlete Tuna Tavus, who has been talked about on social media by lifting very high weights and eating superhuman nutrition (like eating 4 kg of lahmacun in one sitting).

Who is Tuna Tavus? Height – How old is he?

Tuna Tavus Powerlifter
Tuna is a powerlifter.

Despite being very young, Tuna can easily lift weights that a normal person cannot carry, almost like a "mutant", and can consume 10 pizzas in one sitting. The powerlifter, famous for his record-breaking eating and drinking attempts to gather energy for his long workouts, has made it a lifestyle. (See: strongest man in the world)

Born in 1999, Powerlifter Tuna is 2 meters tall and weighs 150 kg.

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