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Who is Ege Fitness? YouTube, Instagram Channels

As you can see from the title “Back in Business Actually Always in Business” he's Aegean Fitness We explain who! We will also briefly talk about how old Ege Fitness is, how tall he is and where his motivation comes from!

Who is Ege Fitness, how old is he and how tall is he?

He is a Turkish YouTuber content producer, born in 1992, with a height of 1.88 and surname Cinel. Interested in bodybuilding and basketball from a young age, Ege studied in the USA and decided to stay there. (He stayed in Istanbul for 16 years and went to America at the age of 17. Moreover, his idol is the legendary basketball player Allen Iverson.) He even played basketball in Ülker Başakşehir during his stay in Turkey. Ege also states in his videos that he played in Las Vegas when he went to America to study on a scholarship. He studied Business Management at the University of Nevada Las Vegas in the USA.

Ege states in his videos that he is never actually a normal person. Because normality and mediocrity are against Ege Fitness's philosophy of life. Also, making videos is not the only job of Ege Fitness. We know that he also works in different jobs from time to time.

Ege Fitness YouTube, Instagram, Discord Twitch Accounts

Ege, who has a lot of followers on social media, publishes sections from his life in America. Aegean Fitness YouTube He managed to become a phenomenon by publishing bodybuilding and motivational videos on his channel. Moreover AegeanFitness Instagram and his Twitch and Discord account continue to post fun photos and videos.

ege fitness instagram

He also has YouTube videos he shot. “Hey What's Happening in YouTube Ege Fitness Back in Business Actually Always in Business” It starts with the sentence, which is his motivation! Because Ege's motivation is always to achieve the difficult and impossible! He also gives his fans fun fitness advice with challenging and motivating videos.

ege fitness instagram photos
@egefitness Instagram Photos

For those who want to build abs how to build absBy trying to explain it scientifically, he managed to become a phenomenon loved by everyone, big and small. In addition, Ege Kazanova, who is a car and motorcycle lover, stands out with his personality. Ege, who managed to pick up girls by displaying his muscular body on the streets of America, teaches inexperienced friends with his videos. Moreover Unsatisfied Gearbrand also released products such as t-shirts and bracelets!

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Ege Fitness Lyrics (Motivational Lyrics)

If, in definition, hair grows from the armpit instead of the vein, you are not one of us.

Life is better with Pump!

Not small on me, big muscles!

There are no ugly people, there are people who don't do sports.

They say all the good guys go to heaven, but all the bad guys bring heaven to you.

When the person you are now becomes the person you once wanted to be; That's when you become Legendary!

Call me rich, poor, poor or high society, but don't tell me I never work like a dog!

Shout out to my biology teacher, who used to say I was going to fail: you can study muscle anatomy on me now, teacher!

You cannot buy success; You can only rent. You have to pay the rent every day!

You only die once, but you live every day! Everyone dies, but not everyone lives.

The harder you work, the luckier you will be.

To half the things you see; Don't believe anything you hear!

Aegean Fitness Lyrics
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