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How to Barbell Curl Let Your Biceps Muscles Grow!

The barbell curl movement with a straight bar focuses entirely on the biceps muscles, making a great contribution to the development of your arm muscles. The curl exercise that you will do with plates or self-weighted bars is one of the best fitness movements for the development of your forearm muscles. Thanks to the barbell biceps curl you do by focusing, you will be able to develop and enlarge your arm muscles in a short time by experiencing the pump feeling! Now, let's explain what are the types of curl movements with the bar, how to do it in detail and in the easiest way.

What Muscles Does the Barbell Curl Work?

It actively works your forearm and biceps muscles. You can activate these muscles with the Z Bar Curl movement, which is an alternative to the Barbell Curl.

Movement Equipment:Bar + Weight
Movement Type:Isolation
Force Type:Pull Movement
Targeted Muscles-1:Biceps Brachii
Targeted Muscles-2:brachial
Targeted Muscles-3:deltoid (anterior)
Trapezius, (upper, middle)
Levator Scapulae
Wrist Flexors
Muscle Group Worked by Barbell Curl Movement
what muscles does the barbell curl work arm muscle anatomy biceps
The muscle group that the curl movement works biceps brachii

The Z bar curl will work the inner side of the biceps muscles more and make the movement easier.

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How to Barbell Curl

First of all, you can do this move with a z bar or straight bar. We definitely recommend that you practice the movement standing up, as the standing curl will keep the spine straighter.

Barbell Curl Exercise
Barbell Curl Exercise
  1. Get the bar first
  2. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart
  3. Choose the weight that you will have difficulty in the last 2 repetitions and make sure you have a good grip on the bar.
  4. Raise the bar towards your chest by lifting your arms up.
  5. Slowly lower the bar

Do not make the movement fast, do it slowly and feel your arm muscles contract.

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Things to Consider While Curl Movement

  1. make the move slow
  2. Work by feeling your muscles
  3. Do not strain your waist with excess weight
  4. different biceps and with triceps movements do super sets
  5. Try to keep rest periods short
  6. If you worked barbell curl for 1 week, try dumbbell curl next week.
  7. Try working the same move with the Z bar.
  8. best biceps movesAdd it to your training program too.

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