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What is ZMA? What Does It Do? Benefits and Harms

Protein powder, creatine and cla are the top selling products in the supplement market. So, should ZMA be used to increase muscle mass with training performance? What is ZMA and what does it do? What are the benefits and harms for athletes? Who can use ZMA? In this article, we have reviewed the best and most effective ZMA supplements on the market for you.

What is ZMA?

ZMA; It is also called Zinc Magnesium Aspartate. ZMA, which is a natural supplement, contains magnesium, zinc and vitamins B6. ZMA is a supplement suitable for both women and men. When we look at the effects of ZMA, the issue that men are most curious about is its effects on testosterone level.

ZMA is definitely not a testosterone booster. It only prevents the decrease of testosterone level in people who have an intense sports life. This, in turn, stops entering the catabolic phase in muscle gain. In other words, it indirectly affects muscle development positively. So ZMA; While it has an inhibitory effect on the decrease in testosterone levels in men, it is used as an athletic enhancer in women. For individuals who spend most of their life in sports, the use of ZMA can reduce fatigue and increase performance.

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What Are the Benefits of ZMA Supplementation?

We answered the question of what is ZMA, which consists of three components, above. It has also been observed that ZMA supplement has many benefits to the body as a result of researches. We have explained the benefits of ZMA under a few titles for you.

  • Strengthens Muscles and Accelerates Fat Burning

ZMA supplement is a great help for people who dedicate their life to sports. When used with sports, it supports muscle mass development thanks to the magnesium, zinc and vitamin B6 it contains. It also accelerates fat burning for people who do cardio work. In short; Regardless of fat burning or muscle building, the use of ZMA with sports will help you reach your target body.

  • Helps Control Blood Sugar

It is helpful in controlling blood sugar levels, especially for individuals with diabetes or insulin resistance. In studies conducted on individuals with diabetes above 1.300 levels, it was determined that taking zinc, or ZMA, supplements decreased fasting blood sugar and post-meal blood sugar levels. In these studies, magnesium supplementation can also improve blood sugar control in people with diabetes or insulin resistance disease by increasing the body's ability to use insulin.

  • Strengthens Immunity

Zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6 contained in ZMA play extremely important roles in strengthening the immune system.

Zinc; It is effective in the development of many immune cells. Supplementing with this mineral lowers your risk of infection and speeds up the healing process of your wounds.

Magnesium deficiency causes chronic inflammation. This causes premature aging and chronic diseases.

Deficiency of vitamin B6 can cause weak immunity. Our body needs white blood cells to fight harmful bacteria and germs. In this case, vitamin B6 is necessary to produce white blood cells.

  • Improves Your Sleep Quality

Zinc and magnesium taken as supplements will increase your sleep quality. Studies on magnesium have shown that this mineral has an effect on the parasympathetic nervous system. The parasympathetic nervous system is effective in making the person feel comfortable and calm.

Side Effects and Harms of ZMA

As a result of the studies conducted from the past to the present, no side effects of ZMA have been found. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the size of the supplement taken. In case of taking more than necessary; nausea, diarrhea, headache and dizziness, numbness in the hands and feet livable. Therefore, it should not be taken above the recommended dose.

Important Note: As with all other supplements, you should consult your doctor before using ZMA.

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What Are the Best ZMA Supplements?

1. What is Way-Out Nutrition ZMA?

Way-Out Nutrition ZMA Pro
Way-Out Nutrition ZMA Pro

ZMA Pro consists of a combination of magnesium, zinc and vitamins B6. It also supports to increase the testosterone level and provides performance increase.

Supplement Detailed Content:

  • 395 mg of Magnesium,
  • 17,2 mg Zinc,
  • Contains 9,2 mg of Vitamin B6.

2. What is Bigjoy Sports Aol+ ZMA?

Bigjoy Sports Aol+ ZMA
Bigjoy Sports Aol+ ZMA

It consists of the amino acids L-Arginine, L-Ornithine and L-Lysine. These three amino acids aid in the production of growth hormone and the regeneration of muscle tissues. You can use it especially to support the development of muscle groups whose development slows down.

Supplement Detailed Content:

Contains 2500 mg of AOL and 223 mg of ZMA matrix.

3. What is Hardline ZMA?

Hardline ACV
Hardline ACV

Contains Zinc and Magnesium, plus Vitamin B6.

Supplement Detailed Content:

It contains 235 mg of Magnesium, 14 mg of Zinc, 7 mg of Vitamin B6.

4. What is Universal ZMA?

Universal ACV Pro
Universal ACV Pro

It aids in the recovery process of the muscles and increases testosterone levels. It is also recommended for a quality sleep.

Supplement Detailed Content:

  • 450mg Magnesium
  • 30mg Zinc
  • Contains 10,5 mg of Vitamin B6.

What Do ZMA Users Think?

Considering the comments of the people who use it in the question of what is ZMA, those who use it before sports; He states that he had a more comfortable workout and did not experience cramps and contractions. Those who use it for supplementation without doing sports stated that they feel more energetic during the day and are relatively more comfortable during the transition to sleep.

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