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What is Zalain Cream? How to use? What are the Side Effects?

Let's take a look at the answers to questions such as what is Zalain mushroom cream, which is used for cleaning fungal infections, what does zalain cream do, and how to use it.

What is Zalain Cream?

Zalain cream is a cream that is effective in many skin infections, although it is mostly prescribed for athlete's foot or for people who stay up too much. Zalain ointment is used in skin infections such as fungal infection of the skin, groin fungus, hand fungus, beard fungus, nail fungus. The question of whether Zalain cream is used in vaginal itching is also wondered. Yes, besides all these infections zalain cream for vaginal itching There are also users.

What Does Zalain Cream Do?

This cream is a topical agent with strong antifungal effect, with a broad spectrum of action against pathogenic fungi and dermophytes. It clears skin infections. The cream prevents the fungus from spreading over a wide area and provides healing in a short time. Skin problems that the cream treats; athlete's foot, hand fungus, inguinal fungus, dermatophytosis, candidiasis.

what is zalain cream
What is zalain cream, how to use it, what are the benefits

The Most Important Benefits of Zalain Cream

Zalain mushroom cream It is used to treat known fungal infections. These signs of infection are; physical reflections such as itching, rash, redness. It is recommended to use this cream regularly for 3-4 weeks, which allows the fungi formed in private areas to pass over time. In addition to its prominent functions such as infection treatment, its most important benefits are as follows:

  • It affects vaginal infections,
  • Fights gram negative and positive microorganisms,
  • Prevents the growth or reproduction of fungi on the skin,
  • Residue, redness, etc. Eliminates troubling symptoms.

It is also frequently preferred in the treatment of mycoses involving the skin. Zalain 2 20 grams creamIt is compatible with most parts of the body. (For redness and crusting on the scalp, see: ketoral shampoo)

How to Use Zalain Cream?

Zalain cream can be used once or twice a day. It is recommended to be used in the evening if it will be used once, in the morning and evening if it will be used twice. Zalain ointment should be applied lightly and evenly around the infected skin and around 1 cm of the skin. In order to see improvement, the use of this cream should be continued for an average of 3-4 weeks.

If we touch on the question of how to apply Zalain cream to the vagina, Zalain suppositories are preferred for this area. Zalain suppository is recommended for adult women to be administered as a single dose at night before going to bed. The disposable suppository can be administered into the vagina while the patient is lying on his back, with his legs slightly bent. The suppository is used at one-week intervals during the period when the symptoms continue. If the cream is used for vaginal itching, treatment should continue throughout menstruation.

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What Are the Symptoms of Vaginal Fungus?

Zalain Cream Side Effects

Like other drugs, it has certain side effects. These side effects can cause problems for people who are sensitive to the active ingredients in zalain cream. If it is used under the control of a doctor and within the scope of allergy tests, the possibility of side effects is very low. In people who are sensitive to the cream, negative effects such as burning sensation, rash, vesicle formation, color change, swelling, abdominal pain and inflammation can be seen. In this case, it is the best solution to pause the treatment by consulting a doctor who is lying down.

Things to Know Before Using Zalain Cream

There are many features that should be known about the drug by those who use Zalain cream. Of course, what people using this cream should know are the side effects and the precautions they can take against them. It is possible to find detailed information about side effects in the package insert of the drug.

What you need to know briefly about this cream can be listed as follows:

  • First of all, you should take a look at the ingredients in the medicine. If you are allergic to any substance in the drug, you should definitely not use the drug.
  • There is a certain age limit for the use of this cream. It is not suitable for use by children under the age of 12.
  • If the individual who will use this drug is during pregnancy or breastfeeding, this cream should be used in consultation with a doctor.
  • If the drug is used longer than the recommended question, it may cause other problems on the skin. For this reason, it should be used for the period recommended by the doctor in order to see the best effect.
  • This medicine should not come into contact with the eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Hands must be washed before and after using the cream.
  • Unless the treatment of the area where the cream is applied is completed, the application of other drugs to the area should be avoided.
  • As a result of applying excessive amount of cream, pilling can be seen on the skin. Therefore, the cream should be used in thin layers.

2022 Zalain Cream Price How Much?

There are many factors that affect drug prices. The most important of these factors is taking the drug with or without a prescription. However, the first and main factor determining drug prices is the Ministry of Health and the manufacturer of the drug. Zalain cream It is offered for sale at a price of 2022 TL for 33.04. However, this price may differ depending on whether you take the medicine with a prescription or not.

Source: https://titck.gov.tr/

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