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Is Drinking Water Between Meals Harmful to Health?

Can you stop without drinking a glass of water while eating? If your answer is no, we can say at the beginning of our article that a few sips of water between meals will not do any harm. But what if that's 2-3 glasses of water?

Water to be taken with meals In fact, it is a matter of much debate whether it is the right choice in terms of health and digestion. Especially if you are someone who wants to lose weight and lose weight, the question of whether it would be better to drink water before eating must have crossed your mind. Although experts say at every opportunity that we need to drink enough water during the day, drinking water during meals The difference in benefit between drinking water before or after meals is still not completely clear. In this article, we will share with you how right it is to drink water between meals and what kind of results it will bring in terms of health.

Is It OK to Drink Water Between Meals?

water between meals
Is it harmful to drink water between meals?

Drinking water with meals has some effects on digestion. Since drinking more than 1 glass of water with meals will first disrupt the acid balance in the stomach, the breakdown of food is delayed. In a stomach full of water, digestion slows down and the absorption time of food is prolonged. This situation can cause conditions such as heartburn and reflux caused by undigested food in the stomach, especially in foods with late digestion. It can give.

Does Drinking Water While Eating Make You Gain Weight?

Some experts say that drinking water while eating dilutes the acidic water in the stomach, so it is not digested and completely broken down. They argue that food can be stored more easily in the body and turn into fat cells. However, this situation is directly related to the stomach functions that vary from person to person and does not contain certainty. There is no data in the studies to support the issue that drinking water during meals makes a person gain weight. Even at this point, as a person who drinks water constantly between meals, before and after, I absolutely do not agree with the opinion that drinking water makes you gain weight 🙂

As a result, we must drink a sufficient amount of at least 2 liters of water during the day to improve bowel movements, skin, digestion and general health. (Especially with lemon) alkaline water) During the meal, drinking a few glasses of water, especially cold water, has not been proven to have a negative effect, apart from prolonging the digestion time. Of course, you should still avoid drinking excessive water during your meal to prevent stomach problems that may occur with different food consumption.

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