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What Does VAR Mean in Football? (Video Assistant Referee)

As well as being a dynamic and exciting sport, football is also open to discussion due to its complexity and uncertainty. There have been many controversial moments in VAR's short history. The most obvious ones are the penalty that France won in the 2018 World Cup and the faulty offside decisions in the 2020 Premier League. For this very reason, it was inevitable that technological aids would be included in this field. Well, the most important of these helpers, Video Assistant Referee (Video Assistant Referee) abbreviation VAR what?

What is VAR in Football?

VAR is a technology that aims to bring the complexity and fairness of football. It was first tested by the Dutch Football Association in the 2010s and was used officially in the 2018 World Cup. Referees in complex and controversial positions of the match VAR stands for Video Assistant RefereeIn consultation with , they decide whether it is a penalty, a red card position or an offside position. Before doing this, the relevant referees can watch the replay of the position many times on the video.

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Football VAR app

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VAR Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Advantage: VAR helps ensure fairness and make the right decisions in football. Thanks to VAR, players are prevented from deceiving the referee.
  • Disadvantage: The most criticized point is that VAR interrupts the flow of football and prolongs the decision-making time. Also, despite the technology, the final decision maker is still a human, which means mistakes can happen.

However, whether the goalkeeper kicks the ball out with his hands or whether the ball crosses the line can also be stuck in the VAR decision. If you are fond of goalkeeping in football, here are the goalkeeper gloves for you:

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When Was VAR Technology Used?

Although VAR technology trials have started before, everyone at the 2018 World Cup Video Assistant Referee got to know the technology. In the following years, it became widespread and passed into the history of football.

In Which Situations Is VAR Used In Football?

VAR is often used in situations such as goals, penalties, red cards or offside.

What are the Effects of VAR on Football?

While VAR has the advantages of ensuring fairness and preventing cheating, it also has the disadvantages of interrupting the game flow and affecting decision making. Because in the end, people make the final decision by watching the video.

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