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If You Say You Can't Sleep At Night, Apply This Technique!

You probably say that I can't sleep at night even though I'm sleepy, and you're reading this article while turning over in bed. If you are wondering why I can't sleep with my eyes closed, I am tired and very sleepy, please read the article from beginning to end. A very close friend of mine recently told me technique for coping with insomnia taught me and I use this method to fall asleep immediately in 1 2 minutes. I hope it will be useful to you too.

4-7-8 Breathing Techniques for Instant Sleep

When we are stressed, anxious, the amount of adrenaline in your blood increases and you breathe faster. This 4-7-8 breathing exercise acts as a kind of sedative. Deliberately slowing your breathing like this slows your heart rate and calms you down very quickly: simple physiology!

It has the same effect on the mind. Not being able to sleep at night is actually caused by thoughts in the mind and subconscious. While you are practicing the breathing exercise, unnecessary thoughts will be out of your mind as the mind will concentrate completely on counting the seconds and on the exercise.

why can't i sleep insomnia treatment
You need to clear your mind and relax to sleep right away

Harvard medical doctor Andrew Weil He states that the 4-7-8 technique is practiced by Indian Yogis and is used to achieve relaxation and get ready for meditation. If this technique, which you will apply to sleep comfortably at night, works for you, you will feel the difference in your quality of life. I am sure You will love the 4-7-8 technique and you will not have a problem of not being able to sleep at night.. Here's a technique to help you fall asleep right away:

  1. Inhale calmly through your nose for 4 seconds
  2. hold your breath for 7 seconds
  3. Exhale slowly through your mouth in 8 seconds

You can also use the sleep technique when you are angry. If this easy way to sleep helps you, please leave a comment here the next day. Always if you have trouble falling asleep I suggest you take a look at the 12 items below.

I can't sleep at night
What should I do to sleep now?

Methods for Insomnia Problem

  • The healthiest way to beat insomnia is exercise. It is recommended to take 20-30 minute walks every day. (You can also check out this article: benefits of walking) However, it would be more beneficial to do these walks 4-5 hours before you go to sleep, not just before you go to sleep.
  • Stop eating 2 hours before bedtime But don't go to bed hungry. Drinking a glass of hot milk with honey will be good both for your insomnia and for your body.
  • During the day drinks containing caffeine Don't consume too much.
  • Taking a bath with warm water before going to bed will make it easier for you to sleep and wake up fresh in the morning.
  • Massage your face. Make small circular motions with your thumbs on your forehead, cheekbones, neck.
  • Sleeping in complete darkness has many benefits, but for people with insomnia, having a tiny dim light in their room can be beneficial for sleep.
  • Having a television in your bedroom is not recommended. Don't look at the phone in bed before going to sleep. Leave the phone out of your bed. Only go to bed to sleep. Thus, your brain will understand that you are going to sleep when you go to bed and will react accordingly.
  • Create a sleep ritual. for example listen to light music or read a book half an hour before going to sleep every day. If you make this a habit, your brain will perceive that you are going to sleep.
  • Do not consume a lot of spices at dinner and do not eat very fatty foods. Consume a glass of buttermilk or yogurt with your meal. Do not exercise in the evening.
  • Scientists say that vitamin E deficiency causes insomnia. Foods containing vitamin EConsume within the day. These are: Apple, almond, hazelnut, oatmeal, milk, egg yolk.
  • green tea insomnia can do. Try drinking soothing herbal teas like chamomile tea instead.
  • Milk contains melatonin and thus brings our sleep. By adding honey or cinnamon to your milk, you can strengthen both its taste and effect.
  • alcohol or drugs (methamphetamine such) should never be used. Do not harm your health.

When you pay attention to these items, I am sure you will not have insomnia again. And now "I can't sleep what should I do?" you know the answer to the question.

Night night.

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Born in 1984, Dr. Didem Gündüz completed her education at the Faculty of Medicine. After specializing in internal medicine, she completed her higher education in dermatology. Didem worked in various public hospitals for many years and is currently serving her patients in a private clinic.

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