How Does Testosterone Increase? Ways to Increase Testosterone!

how to increase testosterone
increase in testosterone

Known as the male hormone testosteronWhile it is produced in the testicles in the male body, it is produced in the ovaries in the female body, albeit to a lesser extent. In addition, it supports many developments such as muscle, energy and power in the human body. However, for some reasons, testosterone deficiency can occur in middle-aged or young men. In this situation steroid without natural testosterone how to increase We must seek the answer to the question. Because the causes of testosterone deficiency, which cause the secondary sex characteristics of men to emerge, are actually related to more than one issue. The decrease in testosterone level, which also affects sexual health, paves the way for both physical and psychological problems.

What Is Testosterone, How To Increase It?

A group of androgens steroid hormone Testosterone, defined as testosterone, provides sperm production in men. Testosterone, which is a very important hormone for the male body, decreases every year with the effect of aging, especially after the age of 40. It is known. In medicine, this decrease is called andropause. However, testosterone deficiency is caused not only by age, but also by many problems such as genetic disorders, tumors, chemotherapy, obesity and kidney failure. Moreover stress It also plays a major role in the reduction of testosterone hormone today. Here are the important symptoms of testosterone deficiency:

Testosterone Deficiency What are the symptoms?

1. Decreased sexual desire
2. Sleep disorders
3. Bone resorption
4. Reduction in hair growth
5. Shrinking of testicles
6. High blood pressure
7. Depression
8. Increase in body fat ratio
9. Less sperm production
10. Low motivation
11. Sign of high sugar
12. Gynecomastia
13. Decreased muscle masshow to increase testosterone

How To Increase Testosterone?

Natural ways to increase testosterone, known as the male hormone:

Eat Healthy and Consume Healthy Fats

First of all, when you consume healthy foods, you will maintain your weight and body fat will be in balance. Because body fat increases the female hormone estrogen and suppresses testosterone. Therefore, you can consume foods containing protein, complex carbohydrates, olive oil, avocado, salmon, and healthy fats that protect heart health in your diet program. Also, avoid foods high in sugar and simple carbohydrates, which are foods that lower testosterone. Remember instead of testosterone killing foods foods that increase testosterone We should choose.boosting testosterone

Exercise Regularly, Work Weights

If you want to increase testosterone naturally, you should exercise regularly. Increasing your physical activity supports testosterone production. However, if you ask about the most effective exercise, the answer will of course be weight training. Testosterone is necessary for muscle building to occur. In particular, developing the leg muscles, which is the largest muscle group, has proven to be a serious support for the increase of testosterone hormone. Also, even as you get older, exercises that increase testosterone It will preserve your muscle mass and flexibility. high density interval training programs (HIIT) have recently become one of the most preferred exercise programs. In addition, according to a study conducted in 2017, it has been proven that athletes who regularly perform HIIT training have an increase in the hormone testosterone.testosterone weight training

Use Vitamin Supplements

Studies have revealed that the following vitamin supplements are beneficial for increasing testosterone levels. Before asking the question of how to increase testosterone and using vitamins, have your blood values ​​​​measured under the control of a doctor. Unnecessary use of vitamins can also harm the body.

Vitamin D: Studies have revealed that vitamin D supplementation increases the sexual function of men. You should use vitamin D, which is said to increase the testosterone level, under the supervision of a doctor.

Magnesium: Magnesium is a powerful testosterone supplement that strengthens muscles and bones.

Zinc: Zinc supplementation, which improves sperm quality in men, also increases testosterone levels.
supplements that increase testosterone

Get Regular Sleep and Avoid Stress

Regular and good sleep is very important for human health. If you are asking how to increase testosterone, we can call it a quality sleep. Adequate and quality sleep for a healthy body also provides an increase in testosterone. Sleep speeds up metabolism and protects heart health. Proven as a natural testosterone booster, the quality of sleep is critical to your health. Studies have also revealed that men who sleep less than five hours a night have 10-15% lower testosterone. Along with sleep, stress is also of great importance for heart health and mental health. When you are stressed, the body begins to secrete the hormone cortisol, which reduces testosterone. Cortisol prepares a destruction process in the body, fat burning begins to stop and in men stomach causes its formation.testosterone increases with quality sleep

Last updated April 3, 2022