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What is Tennis? How to play? What Are The Rules?

Tennis originated in France in the 12th century and quickly spread around the world. Today, tennis is a popular sport around the world and is preferred as a fitness activity for many people. Playing tennis provides many physical and mental benefits and also allows you to spend a pleasant time with friends or family.

what is tennis what are the rules
What is tennis, what are the rules of tennis?

What is Tennis?

Tennis is a sport played with a racket on a court divided by a net between opponents. In this sport, it is aimed to throw a ball over the net to the opponent's area and send the ball back to the opponent. The tennis court can be a concrete, grass or earth surface.

How to Play Tennis

Tennis is played when a ball is thrown across the opposing fields and the opponent sends the ball back. A game is won when a team scores 4 points. The team that wins 4 points wins a game. If you say how many sets of tennis are played, usually 3 sets are played, in some special tournaments the number of sets can increase to 5. To win, it is necessary to win at least 2 sets.

A tennis match can be played between two individuals or between two teams. Each team has different options: a men's pair, a women's pair, or a man and a woman.

how to play tennis how many sets
How and how many sets of tennis are played?

What are the Tennis Rules?

The game of tennis is played according to certain rules. The game begins with the ball being thrown over the net to the opposite side and the opponent must return the ball. If the server throws the ball over the net, the serve is deemed wrong and one point is awarded to the opposing team. Moreover, tennis gameThere are some rules in:

  • The player can only touch the ball once.
  • The ball must stay within the lines. If the ball touches the line, the game continues.
  • The server cannot serve until the opponent is ready.
  • If the ball remains above the net, it may be served again.
  • The players' rackets must not touch the net while sending the ball to the opposite side.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tennis Rules

How many sets do tennis matches consist of?

Tennis matches usually consist of three sets. However, in some tournaments, all five sets can be played.

How does the game of tennis start?

The game of tennis begins with the ball being thrown over the net to the opposite side.

How many minutes does a tennis match last?

The duration of tennis matches varies depending on the format and level of the match.

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