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Is Supplement Use Necessary for Body Building?

While we develop our body with the sports and weight training we do, after a while, when muscle growth slows down, we begin to receive various supplemental (reinforcing food) recommendations from around us. So, do supplements really work? Does using dietary supplements improve performance? How healthy are supplements? In order to answer all these questions, first of all, it is necessary to answer the question of what is a supplement and what is it good for.

What is Supplement?

What is a supplement and what does it do?
What is a supplement? How to use?

The full word is supplementary food, supplementary nutritional support. Food supplements that we can take in addition to foods mostly contain various vitamins, minerals and amino acids. including whey protein powder creatine, l-carnitine, cla, arginine, citrulline, nox, beta-alanine, bcaa There are many types of supplements that we have not yet counted. While they do not replace a natural nutrient, they provide additional benefits when the body needs it and in malnutrition. Supplements are offered for sale in liquid form, in capsule or powder form, as an additional food supplement. Thus, high doses of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and various nutritional supplements are taken more easily in daily life.

What Does Supplement Do?

A healthy diet plays a critical role while exercising. Body gym This is exactly where the phrase "to be made in the kitchen, not in the environment" comes from. In other words, in order to gain muscle fast, we need to eat very well and stick to diet programs. Some dietary supplements also support the macronutrients we take in cases where we cannot get enough nutrition. For example fitness Let's imagine that we are dealing with bodybuilding and let's start off with protein powder supplements. After a heavy workout, we need to consume enough protein for muscle growth. If we do not eat eggs and cannot be fed with enough meat, chicken and fish products, our protein intake cannot reach the desired level. Let's do sports every day if we want to reach that muscular body of our dreams becomes impossible. In such cases, the need for protein intake increases from time to time in addition to the meals we eat.

How Are Supplements Used?

If you are considering using food supplements, the most important issue is that the amount of supplement required by each individual is different from each other. For this reason, a food supplement plan should be created individually. The frequency and intensity of the training varies according to the calorie intake and macro amount.

Supplement use
How should supplements be used?

The use of additional supplements should be preferred to support muscle development and increase training performance. The use of supplements for beginners is generally not recommended by experts. However, supplementary nutrition can be preferred for intermediate and advanced professional athletes. The issue we should not forget is that supplementary food supplements do not replace natural food. The beneficial effects of additional nutrients on our body are around 10%. In other words, muscle development without using supplements is also possible by feeding naturally.

The supplement can be taken alone or in combination with other supplements. It interferes with the weak body by supporting the vitamins and minerals that are missing in your normal diet. In addition, before using additional food supplements, you should definitely follow the recommendations on the supplementary food supplement product you buy. Nutrient reference intake percentage is written on the boxes. This means that the daily use of additional nutrients meets the % of the daily nutritional value. In addition to the instructions for use of the supplement on the label, there is also information about the amount and daily consumption amount. However, the question of when to use additional food supplements is also frequently asked. Supplementary foods to be taken in the morning, in the evening, on an empty stomach or on a full stomach vary. Food supplements to be used before or after training are also different from each other. You should research the maximum amount of dietary supplement use per day and when you should take it, and use meal replacement supplements accordingly.

Are Supplements Harmful or Healthy?

Various researches and tests on the effects of dietary supplements on our health have been carried out in the laboratory for years. Although the nutritional supplements sold in the market are not harmful or some of them are not known for certain, they can have various side effects depending on the health status of the person. For this reason, you should consult your doctor before using supplements.

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