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Ways to Cope with a Stress Belly

Why do we gain weight during stressful times and stress belly Have you ever thought why it happens? Our changing eating and drinking habits, especially during stressful periods when we work at a busy pace, cause weight gain and unwanted fat in the body. Because in order to make ourselves happy, we resort to small getaways, turn to junk food and even alcoholic beverages in some cases. As such, our image in front of the mirror changes in a short time. Our waist area expands, we get fat and we start to get belly.

Does Stress Cause Belly? 

Sleep patterns, busy work life, family problems increase our stress level. When we are stressed, we often tend to eat irregularly, be depressed, sleep late, and get up late. All of these are behaviors that will disrupt our metabolism and hormonal balance.

done so far research showed that stressed people tend to eat too much, then gain weight and tie a belly button. The main reason behind this is hormones. hormonal belly The term actually comes from here. When stressed, our body releases the hormone cortisol. Cortisol hormone also causes blood sugar spikes, leading to fatty and sugary foods. This situation returns to us as weight gain, fat increase in the body and stress belly during stressful periods. Foods that are eaten in excess accumulate as fat in the waist area of ​​our body. So what should we do to prevent weight and belly problems in stressful situations?

Foods to avoid in times of stress

How to Melt Stress Belly?

First of all, if you want to melt your stress belly, stop yourself when you want to eat or don't use it for junk food.

stress belly
Stress Belly

However, follow these ways to deal with stress-related overeating. When you do all these, your blood sugar will be regulated, you will get away from stress and you will prevent sudden hunger.

  • Relax yourself, don't think negatively in times of stress
  • Try to eat small amounts of healthy foods
  • Prefer foods such as fruit yoghurt, nuts, dried fruit in sudden hunger
  • Do not consume alcohol (See: Does beer make you gain weight?)
  • Drink green tea or a cup of unsweetened coffee in the morning
  • Drink lemon balm tea in the evening for a good sleep and to get away from stress.
  • Prefer morning jogs and walks, the best belly melting exercise for stress belly

As we mentioned above, weight gain during stressful periods is very related to our diet, fat and stress belly. Stress affects not only nutrition but also our health negatively. Therefore, in stressful moments, we should relax ourselves by thinking that this situation is temporary. If you are malnourished under stress, you are constantly eating and you cannot prevent it, we definitely recommend that you consult a specialist dietitian.

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