Is It Possible To Lose Weight Without Exercising?

lose weight without exercise

Think about it, you can lose weight without doing sports and eating the things you want! Although it may seem like a dream to you, it is possible to lose weight without doing sports, yes! However, there are only a few important points that you should pay attention to. Here are the ways to get rid of excess weight without doing sports for hours…

Pay attention to these to lose weight without doing sports

  • Take Care of Regular Sleep

If you say what is the golden basis of weight loss, we definitely say regular and quality sleep. Because insufficient sleep for the body means edema the next day. For this reason, you may be a little shocked when you want to be weighed. Yes, you have noticed that you are overweight! But don't panic, you can eliminate this problem by being careful to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. Moreover, if you consider that the hours when melatonin is secreted the most between 00:00 and 03:00 in the body, you should definitely be asleep between those hours. Because in this way, your metabolic activities in your body will continue better.

Regular sleep for a healthy life
  • Reduce Your Portions

Another important thing to do if you want to lose weight is to reduce your portions. You will also realize that when you prepare food in every color that will satisfy you visually, in small portions on a single plate, you can become more than satisfied. Or, when you take a packaged product from the package to the plate instead of eating it, you will realize how much you actually eat. Remember, portion reduction does not mean eating half of what you eat. It means saying goodbye to the foods on your plate that are harmful to your health!

Slimming small portions
  • Increase Your Green Tea and Water Drinking

Consuming foods that will increase your metabolic rate during the day will help you burn more calories. In particular, you should take care to drink 2,5-3 liters of water a day. When you wake up, you should start the day with a warm glass of water with lemon and drink a large glass of water before going to sleep. In between, keeping the amount of water you drink more will help you feel less hungry. In addition, drinking 2 glasses of plain green tea a day other than water will also help to remove fat from the body. At the same time, it will help reduce edema and strengthen your immunity with its catechin content.

Green tea that accelerates fat burning
  • Say Goodbye to Sugar

If you ask what is the biggest enemy of our body, we say sugar without exception. As you eat a sugary food, your insulin level will constantly rise and your desire to eat will increase. (Attention: Fat burning will stop at this point!) As you consume sugary foods, you both gain weight and your body shape starts to deteriorate. As a result, you say hello to more difficult situations psychologically. What you have to do is actually very simple. Stay away from sugar! If you remove sugar from your life, perhaps you will have taken the biggest step to lose weight and lose weight without doing sports! In particular, you should never consume foods containing artificial sweeteners and sugar. Instead, you can easily suppress your desire to eat sweets by turning to alternative foods.

Harmful simple sugar
  • Make it a habit to eat slowly

If you chew your food a lot and eat more slowly, you will also prevent weight gain. When you eat a meal that you should consume in an average of 20 minutes, in 5 minutes, you will not feel full and will make your digestion difficult. Remember that it takes 20 minutes for the brain to perceive the feeling of satiety. When you take this into consideration alone, you will realize that you are consuming fewer calories. Studies on the positive effects of slow eating also available!

eating slowly
  • Consume Light Foods at Your Dinners

In your daily diet, you need to pay close attention to your evening meals. Instead of heavy, oily, salty dishes, you should turn to vegetable dishes with light olive oil. Vegetables with high water and fiber content will take up more space in your stomach and increase your feeling of fullness. For this reason, it will be beneficial to consume a portion of vegetables suitable for the season, plenty of water and green salad. You will also relax your digestive system.

Omega-3 and protein source salmon with vegetables
  • Turn to Whole Grain Foods

Say goodbye to white flour and turn to whole grain foods. If you do not have anemia problem, whole wheat and whole rye will be an excellent option. In this way, your feeling of fullness will increase and you will consume less food. At the same time, if your bad cholesterol level is high, you will see a decrease in it over time. For pasta and rice, you can choose brown ones and consume them in low portions.

Whole grain bread with a low glycemic index
  • Prefer Alternative Food Instead of Dessert

The cookies and biscuits you consume with your tea or black coffee are not innocent at all! By causing you to eat more, they increase your calorie intake. This, of course, comes back to you in weight. For this reason, you can turn to healthy choices such as 1-2 pieces of dark chocolate or 2 dates as an alternative to dessert. Over time, you will notice that you lose weight even if you do not exercise…

Sweet alternative dates
  • Increase Your Movement

More movement throughout the day means more calories burned. You can burn calories by increasing your activity instead of exercising. You can reduce your calorie intake by taking the stairs instead of the elevator, parking your car farther, and getting off one stop before the public transport. If you are at home, you can do small exercises instead of sitting all the time. Losing weight without doing sports does not mean not moving at all!

moving up stairs
  • Eat Less and Eat Often!

Starving yourself all day and loading up on your dinner would be the worst thing you can do. Notice the difference in your body by consuming your evening meals lightly, not skipping your snacks with a healthy and robust breakfast in the morning. You won't believe it when he tells us! Moreover, a healthier life will be a bonus for you…

Avocado, blueberry, almond and egg

Last updated May 7, 2021