Drinking Water While Playing Sports and More

Why is it important to drink water while exercising?

If you have any questions about drinking water while doing sports, we recommend you to read our article from beginning to end. First of all, let's talk about why it is so important to drink water during sports. When we are in any exercise activity, our body starts to expend energy and burn calories. When we increase the intensity of the training, our heart beats faster and our body temperature rises. As the body temperature rises, we begin to expel the water in our body through sweat. At this point, drinking water during sports allows us to regain the water we lost by sweating. As a result, we get a more efficient workout and focus our training better by recovering our energy.

Benefits of Drinking Water During Sports

Not drinking water during exercise is as bad a habit as not consuming enough water in our daily life. Being very thirsty while doing sports and staying dehydrated is one of the biggest training mistakes to be made. Because if we do not drink water while doing sports, our blood circulation will slow down and we will feel our decreased energy even lower. Drinking water during sports relaxes us physically and allows us to focus better on training. By drinking enough water during training, we feel better and indirectly reduce our risk of injury. In cases where we do not drink water during exercise, we can feel like muscle pain, nausea, dizziness. to dehydration It will not be a surprise to encounter negativities that will reduce it.

How Much Water Should We Drink While Doing Sports?

Drinking a minimum of 1-1,5 liters of water during exercise is the ideal amount. However, we should not drink all of this amount of water in quick succession. It is best to drink water between sets and to drink water little by little until the end of the workout. Otherwise, if we fill our stomach with water by drinking water quickly, we will involuntarily restrict our mobility. Also, drinking water before exercising (especially alkaline water) is as important as drinking water during sports. Drinking water after exercise will help your body recover faster.

As we mentioned above, drinking water while doing sports is something we should never forget. Especially if we are training in the hot summer months, not drinking water should be the last thing you do to your body. Let's not miss water, which is the key to a healthy life, in our daily life. Have a good health and sports day!

Last updated February 19, 2021