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When Should Sports Be Done? The Most Accurate Sports Time!

The question of when is the most productive sports hour is one of the most frequently asked questions by trainees. Especially in daily hustle and bustle, even planning the sports hour requires separate effort. Well, let's come to that critical question: during the day when to do sports? What time do we get more efficiency if we exercise? Should we exercise in the morning or in the evening? Sports on an empty stomach or on a full stomach? makes? To answer this question, we must first ask ourselves: What is my goal? Burning fat? To weaken? Build muscle? Or just keeping fit with cardio or weight training?

What is the Best Sports Time?

According to research, when the body is most suitable for sports in terms of metabolism and biology. 13:00-16:00 hours between. However, many of us are at work during those hours. Return home is usually after 18:00. So are we not going to do sports because it's late in the evening? Of course we will! There is something much more important here than the question of when to exercise, when to do sports: To spend the day without doing any sports or to do sports even if it is late? Of course the second one.

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CLUE: If we have to exercise in the evening, we should neither be too hungry nor too full. It will be more accurate in terms of motivation and performance to go to the gym after work in the evening without going home.

most productive exercise time
When should the exercise be done?

Is it OK to do sports on an empty stomach in the morning?

Exercise on an empty stomach in the morning cardio or weight training maximizes fat burning. Because the body expends energy even when asleep at night. If we have not eaten anything before going to bed in the evening, the insulin level will be at its lowest level in the morning. For this reason, in the morning on an empty stomach morning exercise With it, there will be faster fat burning and slimming. However, a point to note is that since the body blood sugar will drop very quickly, you may experience nausea, dizziness and sports performance problems. Instead of lifting weights, light tempo in the morning on an empty stomach 2 3 days a week cardio exercises you can choose. If you have health problems, we do not recommend doing sports on an empty stomach.

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CLUE: Exercising on an empty stomach in the morning provides fast fat burning. However, if the aim is to enlarge the muscles, it is not a suitable approach to the target. bodybuilding and fitness Nutrition before and after sports is much more important for those who want to increase their muscle volume.

do you exercise in the morning?
Is it okay to exercise on an empty stomach in the morning?

Can You Do Sports Before Sleeping At Night?

If you are in a busy work schedule and after coming home in the evening, you may want to eat and relax. But if you lost your motivation and went to bed, get well soon. Therefore, in such cases, doing sports at night should be the last choice. Both training performance decreases and it forces you to fall asleep, that is, to sleep.

When to Do Sports / Exercise Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most productive exercise time?

Scientifically, the most efficient sports hour, which is most suitable for the biological clock and where the body energy is in place, is between 13:00 and 16:00.

Do you do sports in the evening?

For those who work during the day, doing sports in the evening does not reduce the efficiency.

Is it okay to do sports before going to sleep at night?

If you are in a busy work schedule and do not have time, you can do sports at night. However, due to low body energy in the late hours, focus on sports and efficiency may decrease.

Is the exercise done on an empty stomach or on a full stomach?

Before exercising, you should neither be hungry nor full. If your goal is to burn fat fast, you can do sports on an empty stomach. Being full and doing sports will reduce sports performance.

When to do sports to burn fat?

Exercises such as cardio to burn fat should usually be done in the morning. Because exercising on an empty stomach helps the body use fat as an energy source and burns fat faster.

When should exercise be done before or after a meal?

Exercise should usually be done before a meal because the digestive process after a meal tires the body and can reduce exercise performance. In addition, exercising on a full stomach can cause stomach enlargement.

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