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What is Sombre? Sombre Hairstyles and Difference from Ombre!

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With the letter S (soft) added in front of the initial letter of Ombre, Sombre is a softer, ambiguous, soft transition colored hairstyle. What does sombre mean, how to apply it to the hair, let's explain in more detail and how it is done.

The smooth transition hair color that has left its mark on hair trends in recent years has already become more popular than ombre! With this hairstyle, which you can use in all seasons, summer and winter, you can choose the color tones that best suit the color of your natural hair. Although sombre and ombre are two color hair designs that are very similar to each other, there are certain differences between them.

At first, this name may seem strange to you, and you may even think that it is a misspelling of ombre. Even though it is very similar to the ombre, it differs from it at some points. Colors close to the roots of the hair are preferred for different color dye applied to the ends of the hair. Thus, there is a soft color transition from the bottom of the hair to the tip. It also saves your hair from constant dyeing.

How to Make Sombre Hair?

Light-colored dyes in 1-2-3-4 different shades of your hair color are applied gradually, starting from the roots to the ends of the hair. Thus, you will have a natural transitional hair color without being too different from your own hair color. 

While sombre gives the hair a more natural, transitional color appearance, the colors are more evident in ombre hair. Thanks to the natural-looking color transitions in the hair, there is no need to lighten the hair, so there is no need for applications such as purple shampoo and other applications that damage the hair. If you want hair color in more than one tone, we recommend the color transition method rather than ombre, as if it is softer and lightened by natural sun. Therefore, you will be able to use it even if your hair is dyed, and you will be able to remove it from one color and add a different dimension and a different atmosphere to your hair.

How to Apply Sombre at Home?

Cardboard pieces, hair clips, gloves, aluminum foil, hairbrush, empty bowl, spoon, powder hair remover, peroxide volume will be the equipment you need to dye your hair.

  • Cut a piece of cardboard in suitable sizes for you to place under the hair strands to be treated, and turn it into a sheet with aluminum foil.
  • Take the hair lightener and peroxide material in a bowl and mix well. If you do not want to use a hair opener, you can do this with a dye of the desired color (suitable for your hair).
  • Apply the dye or bleach mixture to your hair.
  • Dye your hair with a hairbrush in light strokes up to the appropriate section.
  • Go over the plates you attached with the clips with paint step by step.
  • Wrap the dyed parts tightly with aluminum foil so that the dye will penetrate the hair well.
  • After checking the hair color, wash your hair last.

Luminous – Honey Color – Warm Sombre Hairstyles

Colored soft transition sombre hairstyles
Warm colored soft transition hairstyles
Shiny Sombre Hairstyle
Sombre Shiny Hairstyle
Transitional honey mousse sombre hairstyle
Transitional honey mousse sombre hairstyle

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