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Don't Lose Your Health by Going on a Shock Diet!

From time to time, we are in a hurry to lose weight, burn fat, and lose weight fast in 1 week. We are uncomfortable with our image in the mirror, we try to fit into the wedding dress, we want to look beautiful in our bikini. We understand that the problem is a weight problem. However, time is very precious to us. That's why we want to lose weight in a short time and we look for a shock diet. So how healthy are shock diets? Do we lose weight fast when we do shock diets? Are there any unknown damages? You can find the answers to these questions in our article below.

What is the Shock Diet?

Shock diets aiming to lose maximum weight on the scale as soon as possible are mostly under 1.000 calories. They contain little or no carbohydrates. Both solid and liquid shock diets aim to lose weight quickly by starving us for a long time. Along with the 2-day shock diet list, there are also 3, 5 and 7-day shock diets.

What are the Shock Diet Harms?

Since the weight you lose in a short time is not permanent, you will regain the weight you lost at the same speed and more. This results in higher fat tissue and less muscle gain.
These inadequate and balanced diets deprive you of macronutrients and cause heart diseases, high blood pressure, insulin resistance, diabetes, etc. cause serious diseases such as In addition, the side effects of shock diets are as follows:

  • Headache and dizziness
  • Irregular period
  • Hair loss
  • Constipation
  • Nausea
  • depression, burnout

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shock diets
Weight lost with shock diet is regained in a short time.

When you follow a low-carb shock diet, your body reduces the production of serotonin (happiness hormone) and reveals the tendency to depression. Therefore, it is useful to stay away from all diets that severely restrict protein, fat and especially carbohydrates. It will always be the right choice to set aside unhealthy nutrition practices and create your own unique nutrition program. Every person wants to have a fit appearance, but the best way to achieve this is through sustainable living. Take care of your body, it is your most stylish and glamorous outfit!

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Shock Diet Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Apply Shock Diets?

It is applied by people who do not have a chronic disease who want to lose weight in a short time. However, it is necessary to be careful before starting shock diets. 2-day 3-day shock diet lists applied by fasting for a long time are not healthy!

Does the Shock Diet Really Make You Lose Weight?

Shock diets show you low weight on the scale. But the truth of the matter is not like that! We lose nothing from fat in the weight we think we lose with short-term and low-energy diets. We just pay quickly and get it back in no time! This is not recommended for people aiming to lose weight in a healthy way.

What Is The Most Effective Shock Diet?

All shock diets serve the same purpose. Losing weight in a short time. Although the most effective varies from person to person, we can say that none of them is the right method. Because we regain the weight we lost with the shock diet at the same rate. Try incorporating a balanced diet and exercise into your life to lose weight in a healthy and permanent way.

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Born in 1982, Specialist Dietitian Merve Sancaktar completed her master's degree in nutrition and dietetics. Sancaktar has been providing dietitian services in a private hospital for 4 years.

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