What Are the Benefits of Sodium Bicarbonate?

benefits of sodium bicarbonate
benefits of sodium bicarbonate

Sodium bicarbonate (soda) is a component that we consume frequently today, which contains natural minerals in its essence. When we look at its history, sodium bicarbonate, which was used as a cleaning agent in Ancient Egypt, has become a material that has a permanent place in our kitchen today. Moreover, studies have shown that sodium bicarbonate has a positive effect on the performance of athletes. Alright benefits of sodium bicarbonate What, does such a cheap product really have an effect on sports performance, let's examine it together.

Benefits of Sodium Bicarbonate

Among the benefits of sodium bicarbonate, perhaps the most important benefit is that it regulates the acid balance by reducing the acid rate in the body with its natural alkaline feature. While the pH balance in the body reaches the desired levels thanks to sodium bicarbonate, the general body health is also positively affected by this.

During physical activity, lactic acid accumulation occurs in the muscles. In this case, sodium bicarbonate is almost a savior. However, made research As a result, in different activities and exercises that require high-intensity endurance, a performance increase of 2-24% was observed in the group of athletes using sodium bicarbonate compared to the placebo group.

  • It has a positive effect on kidney functions and development.
  • Beneficial in the treatment of gout
  • It helps to eliminate extra edema and acid in the body.
  • It is good for acne (by keeping it on the skin with yogurt and lemon water)
  • Good for urinary tract infections
  • Contributes positively to hair and skin health
  • Strengthens the immune system, accelerates metabolism
  • It is good for problems such as heartburn and heartburn.

In addition, if sodium bicarbonate is used regularly, it helps to lose weight, albeit indirectly, and provides benefits. Behind this benefit is that it helps to remove toxic substances in the body in a healthy way, that is, to lose weight on the scale, by removing the toxic substances in the body with its alkaline feature.

How Much Sodium Bicarbonate Should I Use?

30-40 minutes after training for performance increase. It is recommended to use 0,3 g per kilo first. However, the sodium bicarbonate you use must be purchased from the pharmacy because unfortunately, the desired content is not available in the products used in the kitchen. It is useful to consult your doctor before using sodium bicarbonate, as in other supplements. The above information is purely based on research and experience.

Last updated May 2, 2021