Strong Hair That Is Not Damaged With Oils That Are Good For The Hair!

oils good for hair
Hair care at home with oils that are good for hair

Healthy hair is an important part of physical appearance for both women and men. Who does not want to have strong, shiny and full hair? Unfortunately, over time, our hair wears out and becomes a weak hair. So what to do for undamaged, strong hair? There are many reasons why. Especially the environment we live in, the shampoos we use or psychological/physical diseases are the building blocks of hair health. If you want to strengthen your hair, you can take care of dry and damaged hair at home. You can get voluminous and healthy hair by taking care of your hair at home in a short time by taking advantage of our article on the oils that are good for the hair that we have examined for you.

End Hair Fractures with Oils That Are Good for Hair

Hair breakage, which is a major complaint of women in particular, occurs for many reasons. Chemical treatments applied to the hair cause hair breakage such as perm or drying at high temperatures and straightening. After these procedures, the dryness of the hair increases and thus fractures occur. However, it causes the hair to become lifeless, causing discomfort in appearance. In addition, collecting hair can cause breakage in the hair. Many people cut their hair to get rid of the broken hair. But getting a haircut is not a cure for hair breakage either. If you want to repair hair breakage, you can use hair nourishing oils or creams. However, leaving the hair open or tying it loosely will also reduce hair breakage.

hair oils that protect and strengthen your hair
Hair care at home with oils that are good for the hair can be an ideal solution.

Causes Hair Loss?

Another problem with hair is hair loss. As it is known, a healthy person has an average of 100 thousand strands of hair. However, 100-150 hairs fall out during the day due to combing and washing, and this is normal. Among the causes of hair loss are stress, creatine use and hormonal disorders and scalp disorders. In addition, genetic factors are also directly effective on hair loss. However, hair loss may be excessive in those undergoing chemotherapy and giving birth. There are multiple types of hair loss. Male pattern hair loss, alopecia type hair loss and hair loss due to thyroid hormones are the most common types of hair loss. If your hair is shedding more than normal, you should first go to a dermatologist.

Get Rid of Hair Eczema with Oils That Are Good for Hair

Itching, drying and shedding of the scalp is called hair eczema. Regardless of whether it is dry or oily, there are multiple reasons for hair eczema to occur. Many factors such as genetic factors, allergies, air pollution and stress cause hair eczema. Itching that starts on the skin with dandruff and increasing oil layer in the hair and then the exfoliation of the scalp indicate the onset of eczema. To get rid of hair eczema, you should care at home with oils or creams that are good for the hair. You can also use shampoo for hair eczema.

hair care oils
You can take care of dry and damaged hair at home.

Hair Care at Home with Good Hair Oils

Almond oil

Today, almond oil, which is mostly used on eyebrows and eyelashes, also nourishes and strengthens hair follicles. In addition, almond oil, which makes the hair soft, also gives shine to the hair. We can recommend the use of almond oil as a cheap and effective way to care for your hair at home.

Argan oil

Argan oil is a great solution for hair care at home, especially for those who have hair loss problems. It repairs damaged hair and helps hair look brighter. In addition, you can get argan oil, which has the effect of growing hair in a healthy way, from herbalists or markets.

Indian Oil

Use castor oil, which strengthens the hair roots by deeply nourishing it, by massaging it regularly. You can also use it in a hair care mask at home. Castor oil makes hair grow healthy and fast.

Olive oil

Known for its healing and restorative effects, olive oil also strengthens hair and increases shine. Olive oil, which is perfect for hair breakage, is also very rich in vitamins. at home

Rosemary oil

Thanks to pepper oil, which deeply nourishes the scalp, blood circulation increases. When you regularly use pepper oil, which prevents hair loss, the shine of your hair will also increase.

Last updated July 11, 2021