How Does Reflux Pass and What Is Good For Reflux?

how does reflux pass, what is good for reflux

If you are in trouble with reflux disease and you are thinking about how to get rid of reflux, you are in the right place! First of all, we will talk about what is reflux, what is the difference between reflux and gastritis, and what are the symptoms of reflux. In the rest of the article, we will share with you the answers to questions such as what causes reflux and what triggers reflux, what is good for reflux, is doing sports good for reflux. So let's get started!

What is Reflux?

Although it is known as reflux heartburn among the people, it is actually a disorder defined as stomach acid backing up from the stomach to the esophagus. People's reflux complaints are usually in the form of food coming to the mouth. Reflux becomes a nightmare with the bitter water coming into the mouth. For this reason, we can say that we encounter reflux symptoms much more often after eating.

Difference Between Reflux and Gastritis

For many years, gastritis and reflux were thought to be the same disease. However, gastritis and reflux are different diseases. To briefly explain the difference between reflux and gastritis; gastritis is a complete stomach disease. Reflux, on the other hand, is a disease associated with the esophagus, larynx and lungs due to the reflux of nutrients in the stomach. What they have in common is the presence of acid in both. In order to diagnose these diseases, it is necessary to see a doctor.

What are the Symptoms of Reflux?

Reflux symptoms are usually seen as a burning sensation in the chest. However, reflux and bitter water in the mouth are among the most common symptoms. In addition, chest pain, frequent sore throat, feeling of lump in the throat, dry cough with difficulty in swallowing, bloating in the abdomen are the first signs of reflux. Hiccups and bad breath are among the other symptoms that occur as a result of reflux.

how does reflux pass

What Causes Reflux?

Most people experience heartburn and heartburn from reflux from time to time. So what causes reflux? It can be caused by being overweight, consuming heavy meals, eating close to sleep, hiatal hernia disease, which we call stomach hernia, or some foods we consume.

Let's talk about what "foods that trigger reflux" are.

Foods That Trigger Reflux

If you have a reflux complaint, you should definitely reduce your alcohol and spice consumption. In addition, drinking tea and coffee too often can lead to reflux disease. In order to prevent reflux, we should stay away from acidic foods and drinks as much as possible. Then, respectively, the foods that trigger reflux;





Acidic fruits (oranges, lemons, etc.)


Chili pepper


How Does Reflux Pass?

In fact, the question of how reflux passes is all about lifestyle, eating and drinking habits. It is interesting that the biggest complaints of reflux patients are the low quality of life and sleep. Regular nutrition and regular physical activity are essential to improve our quality of life and find a solution to reflux. However, lying on your back immediately after consuming main meals is a trigger for reflux.

Another measure to be taken for reflux is to consume smaller and more frequent meals. If you have excess weight, these weights should be lost with the support of fitness and regular sports. Doing sports and being active during the day are among the habits that are good for reflux. It will be good for reflux if we keep our head higher than our body while sleeping. Therefore, high pillows should be preferred. Foods that trigger reflux should be avoided. Excessive alcohol consumption should be avoided.

What Is Good For Reflux? Foods That Are Good For Reflux

In order to beat reflux disease, we need to choose foods that are good for reflux. So how should reflux patients be fed? If you have been diagnosed with reflux, you should especially prefer high-fiber foods. Because fibrous foods make you feel full and reduce the desire to overeat. For example; oatmeal or sweet potato for breakfast, broccoli, green beans for lunch or dinner and high in power fibrous fruits you can consume.

low acid alkaline foods It is also good for reflux and we can choose these foods in our meals. Because foods with high acidity trigger reflux. For example; Foods such as banana, melon, cauliflower, hazelnut and fennel are in the alkaline foods class.

Reflux passes more quickly by consuming watery foods. Foods containing water dilute stomach acid. If we give an example of these foods; celery, cucumber, lettuce, watermelon etc. foods are good for reflux. While choosing milk and yoghurt, we should consume it by paying attention to its low fat content. The reason for this is that the fat ratio in milk does not improve reflux and triggers reflux.

Foods that are good for reflux also include meat products such as chicken, turkey, and fish because they are less fatty. We can prefer these foods rich in protein more. While cooking, we should pay attention to grilling, steaming or cooking in the oven. When we feel heartburn caused by reflux, we can relieve the stomach by consuming thyme and ginger tea.

As a result, in this article how does reflux pass We shared in detail about reflux disease by explaining the answers to questions such as what is good for reflux and what is good for reflux. By applying what we have explained in this article in your life, you can make your eating and drinking habits regular. In addition, you can overcome reflux disease in the healthiest way with the appropriate diet and medications under the control of a doctor.

Ayca Gulsum Erdem

Last updated February 26, 2021