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Rebecca Syndrome: Is Being Jealous of an Ex a Disease?

In psychology, the jealousy of his partner, spouse or lover to his ex is known as Rebecca syndrome. The syndrome starts with being jealous of her spouse's ex, but it can cause many worries, anxieties and health problems. Rebecca syndrome, an obsessive pathological condition, is known as retroactive jealousy of an ex or spouse.

What is Rebecca Syndrome?

Among people who are in love, Rebecca syndrome is more common, especially in women. Constantly feeling alone and with your inner voice "I wonder if I'm replacing your ex", "his ex is always with you" anxiety manifests as jealousy attacks. In addition, those who have the syndrome often live with the fear of being abandoned and deceived.

What are the symptoms of rebecca syndrome
Feeling that the partner is constantly talking to their ex

Symptoms such as being jealous of his wife's ex-wife or husband, following his Instagram and Facebook profile, and tampering with his wife's phone while he is away are all states and behaviors that require psychological treatment. Those who suffer from Rebecca syndrome feel that they have lost their dignity and try to compare themselves with their partner's ex. Women always look for excuses to argue about their husband's ex-wife. Ex-girlfriends are seen as perfect for the jealous person. Don't be jealous of your ex As its size increases, domestic unrest increases and severe incompatibility begins.

Rebecca Syndrome Symptoms and Causes

Examining past events and relationships is the most well-known symptom of Rebecca syndrome. Although it affects both men and women, women generally focus more on the emotional side, while men are very uncomfortable with their partner's sexual histories.

Jealousy of previous relationships and exes can start with small arguments between spouses at first. Over time, the situation can worsen, up to separation and divorce. For this reason, it is absolutely necessary to get support from expert psychologists in order to get rid of the feeling of jealousy and to get rid of unnecessary jealousy psychology.

Those suffering from morbid ex-jealousy want to know everything about their partner's ex, trying to delve deeper into the past than the present. They feel a strong sense of discomfort and retrospective struggle with jealousy. It makes the envious person feel an inferiority complex, and as jealousy increases, aggressive attitudes begin with fear.

rebecca syndrome symptoms
Partners are constantly in the mood to be jealous of the ex-spouse.

Rebecca Syndrome Treatment

To get rid of this pathological condition, you must first accept that you have this Rebecca syndrome. At this point, it is very important to get personal support from expert psychologists to get rid of the syndrome. Establishing a dialogue between couples is the first solution for both the woman and the man to get rid of the feeling of jealousy of his ex-wife or lover.

Confronting and open communication by bringing old relationships to light is the first step to take. It is enough for spouses to be happy with each other and to be connected to each other to overcome situations with exes or spouses in the past. Once the old relationships are discussed with transparency and the subject is closed, the old relationships should not be talked about again. If you think that you have caught this syndrome, you should increase your self-confidence and understand that it is now a thing of the past and that this situation should not affect your relationship.

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