What is Refined Sugar? What are the Harms of Refined Sugar?

refined sugar harms

In this writing what is refined sugar, what are the harms of refined sugar We will talk about it in detail. Especially recently, as the harms of refined sugar have been heard, people have started to take care of eating healthy and not consuming refined sugar. So, let's know exactly what “refined sugar means” and be conscious about it. By the way, after reading the article, we would appreciate it if you could share your thoughts and questions about refined sugar with us as a comment.

What is Refined Sugar, What are the Harms?

Refined sugar is the processed form of sugar beet or sugar cane. It is known as crystallized sugar and simple sugar is also referred to as table sugar. We consume a lot of packaged foods without realizing it in our daily life, without realizing refined sugar, which has no benefits for our health.

Sugars are divided into natural and refined sugars. Refined sugar is also known as processed, artificial sugar. Consuming sugar from unrefined natural sugar sources (fruit, milk, vegetables, honey, molasses, legumes) is much better for our health. Artificial sugars, known as refined, simple sugar, have no benefit to the body.

If we give an example of refined sugars; white sugar, corn syrup (HFCS), brown sugar belong to the group of refined sugars. What are the harms of simple sugar, you can find below. (Also read our article on high sugar symptoms.) from here You can read.)

Refined Sugar Causes Weight Gain

If we ask if there is anyone who does not like sweets, I guess very few of us would agree. But the sad news is that all the sweets we consume contain simple, refined sugar! Refined sugar consumption raises blood sugar and can cause hunger attacks. As insulin levels rise, refined, simple sugar starts to make us gain weight because the body stops burning fat and starts getting fat. Fruit juices, carbonated drinks, biscuits, cakes, all kinds of packaged foods and beverages that we can think of are foods containing refined sugar. Ready drinks (sodas, juices) are sweetened with fructose. Consumption of fructose causes resistance to the hormone leptin in our body, which tells us to stop eating. This increases the desire to eat and table sugar, namely refined sugar, leads to weight gain.

Refined Sugar Increases Heart Disease Risk

As we mentioned above, refined sugar causes obesity. It can also occur in cholesterol and high blood pressure. In particular, sugary drinks consumed cause blockage in the arteries. As a result of arterial occlusion, the risk of heart attack increases with refined sugar.

One of the Causes of Skin Problems Sugar

Since sugary foods raise blood sugar quickly, refined sugar causes inflammation such as acne and oil production. Therefore, simple sugar increases acne formation. Refined sugar consumption prevents our body from getting the water it needs. Our skin can also be affected by this situation and become dry and cracked. At the same time, refined sugar destroys the structure of proteins, so it destroys the bright appearance of our skin.

Simple Sugar Causes Depression

Simple, refined sugar quickly lowers and raises blood sugar levels and has the same effect on our energy and emotions. Constantly changing moods also cause depression. As we go into depression, our desire to eat increases, we not only gain weight but also harm ourselves in every sense.

simple sugar makes you gain weight

Other Harms of Refined Sugar

  • It is addictive and this causes a vicious cycle in sugar consumption.
  • Refined sugar consumption reduces the efficiency of white blood cells, putting our immunity at risk and preventing us from resisting diseases.
  • It causes tooth decay.
  • It destroys minerals and causes them to be excreted from the body.
  • Refined sugar poses cancer risk
  • It causes hyperactivity especially in children.
  • Refined sugar causes fatty liver
  • Simple sugar consumption accelerates aging.
  • Refined sugar is the cause of fat gain, especially in the waist area, as well as weight gain.

Now that we've learned about the harms of refined sugar, it's time to be more careful about its consumption. Well, let's look at what replaces refined sugar, what are unrefined natural sugars instead of refined sugar.

Unrefined Natural Sugars

Not consuming refined sugar does not mean not consuming sweets completely. It will be much better for our health to get natural sugars into our body instead of just artificial sugars. For example;

  • Honey has much more nutritional content than table sugar, including antioxidants and vitamins. It is also easier to digest. The things to be considered about honey are the amount and heating. Because when heated, it loses its usefulness in its content. Therefore, when using it in desserts, it would be better to wait for it to cool and add honey last.
  • Molasses is a good alternative to table sugar. It is also good for anemia.
  • Dates are rich in fiber and vitamins. Using dates instead of sugar in cookies or desserts is a good option.
  • Maple syrup is rich in antioxidants, calcium, potassium, zinc and iron. Therefore, it is a much better alternative to sugar in terms of health.
  • Coconut sugar is unrefined, meaning it is not processed. Therefore, it does not lose its vitamins and minerals and does not cause fluctuations in blood sugar. It is a better option than table sugar.

We should not forget that the natural sugars we have mentioned above are also high in calories and we should pay attention to the amount of consumption.

side effects of simple sugar

Tips to Cut Down on Refined Sugar

  • It would be much better to consume water and low-fat milk instead of consuming sugary drinks.
  • Instead of packaged fruit juices, we should eat the fruit itself.
  • Most cornflakes contain sugar. Instead of consuming them, adding fruit to oats and consuming them with milk will be much more delicious and healthy.
  • It is much more beneficial to add fruit and honey to sweeten plain yogurt instead of fruity yogurts that contain sugar.

If you put these simple but important items into your life, you will have great benefits for your health. Maybe you will find it difficult the first time you start doing these, but over time you will get used to it and you will stay away from refined sugar.

As a result, in this article what is refined sugarWe talked about the harms of refined sugar in detail. After reading the article and learning about the harms of refined sugar, will you continue to consume refined sugar in the same way? Refined sugar will give you instant happiness, but it will stress you with the weight it brings and make you feel regret. When we completely eliminate refined sugar from your life, blood sugar will be balanced, our mood will not change constantly, and we will prevent many more diseases. Let's take that step today and eliminate refined sugar from our lives!

Ayca Gulsum Erdem

Last updated March 17, 2021