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When to Drink Protein Powder? (Important information)

Protein powders are one of the supplements that athletes and sports enthusiasts use or want to use the most. The first question that body building beginners ask their fitness trainers (Personal Trainer-PT) after signing up for the gym. “When to drink protein powder?” is happening. After making your body suitable for sports, in other words, after adapting your muscles to lifting weights (usually for a few months), the answer is given. Then “Should protein powder be drunk before or after exercise?The question “of course comes to mind. In this article, we will focus on the benefits of protein powder and the time of use rather than possible side effects. well fitness coaching We will share the answers given by health-trained experts to the question of whether to use protein powder before or after sports.

When to Drink Protein Powder

Using the right amount of the right supplement at the right time is an area that requires expertise in itself. However, there are some valid answers regarding the use of protein powder in the health and sports community. Best time to use protein powder Let's try to answer the question with the following questions.

When to consume protein powder? Before or after workout?
When to drink protein powder? Before or after sports?

When to Use Protein Powder Correctly

Before asking this question, we can make a better start if we ask ourselves why we use protein powder. Because our main goal is to grow muscles and not to lose muscle while doing sports, right? At least even to maintain existing muscle mass best protein powders We can research and choose which one. In that case, it would not be wrong to say that the best time to use it is training days. Unless you're a professional athlete or preparing for championships, you don't have to use protein powder every day.

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Should You Drink Protein Powder Before or After Sports?

In fact, the right answer is still hidden for what purpose we use protein powder. If we consider the subject scientifically, the glycogen stores that are discharged in our body after sports cannot create the energy to feed the muscles. The first few hours after sports are the times when the catabolic process is experienced the fastest. For this reason, it is said that we should eat carbohydrate and protein-based diet for muscle mass increase after training. At this point, if we cannot consume natural protein foods (eggs, red meat, chicken, etc.), protein powders come into play.

However, for rapid muscle growth, we need to take a minimum of 25-30 grams of protein after sports. It is not easy to get this amount from natural foods in one meal. Therefore, the answer to the question of when to drink protein powder is the right time to use protein to ensure muscle development and growth, right after sports. Workout We can say that using protein powder beforehand can increase insulin, so it is unnecessary. If you need energy before training, 30 minutes from sports. You can drink unsweetened coffee first. You can consume potassium source banana for muscle fullness and pump.

If you can get enough protein from animal foods, it is not necessary to use protein powder. We also did not mention the possible side effects of protein powders in this article. As with all other supplements, you should consult your doctor when to drink protein powder.

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