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How to Make Preacher Curl? What Muscles Does It Develop?

The Preacher curl is a movement that focuses on the biceps muscles and works your arm muscles and biceps in isolation. It is similar to the biceps curl exercise, but with your elbows on the bench. This helps control weight. You can do the movement with the curl bench and additionally with the z bar / barbell, as well as with the preacher curl machine, that is, with a special fitness equipment.

What is Preacher Curl Machine?

It is a fitness equipment designed to work the biceps and arm muscles. This tool allows you to use your biceps muscles and helps control weight while fully straightening your arm. The Preacher curl machine is similar to the standard bicep curl exercise with barbells or dumbbells, but it encourages safer and more accurate technique. Now let's explain how to do the preacher curl step by step.

preacher curl machine
Preacher curl machine (fitness machine)

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Which Muscles Does the Preacher Curl Work?

First of all, both brachialis It is an isolation, strength development, resistance weight training exercise used to work both biceps (biceps). Sitting on an elbow-supported chair and lifting the bar or z-bar, you work the muscles here by making curls. The target muscle is the brachialis, and because the preacher curls are placed at an angle, the exercise works the biceps brachii muscles better. This exercise completely isolates the biceps brachii and you will feel the contraction you experience while lifting weights throughout the entire muscle.

Muscle group worked by preacher curl
Preacher curl muscle group

How to Perform Preacher Curl Movement?

preacher curl
Preacher curl movement

1. Barbell – Using Z Bar

  1. Sit on a supported fitness machine that you can rest your arm on.
  2. Use a barbell or ez bar where the weights can be controlled.
  3. Hold the barbell and position yourself with your palms facing out.
  4. Straighten your arms completely and slowly raise the barbell up.
  5. Using your biceps, lift the barbell up and hold it in line with your breathing.
  6. Slowly lower the barbell to the starting position and repeat.

2. Using Machine

  1. Sit at the Preacher and adjust the handlebar and seat.
  2. Fully straighten your arms and hold the machine bars firmly.
  3. Slowly raise your arms up and tighten your biceps.
  4. Slowly lower the machine iron to the starting position and do it over and over.

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Machine preacher is a safer and easier way. It also offers the opportunity to strengthen and enlarge your biceps (biceps) and arm muscles. It is important to use the correct technique before exercising and to stop the training when you feel uncomfortable.

How Many Sets of Preacher Curl Should You Practice?

You can work on the following sets and repetitions by choosing the weight that you will have difficulty in the last 2 reps:

Beginners: 3 sets, 12-15 reps, 60-90 seconds rest between sets.

Intermediate: 4 sets, 12-15 reps, 45-60 seconds rest between sets.

Advanced: 4 sets, 8-12 reps, 30-45 seconds rest between sets.

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