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Posture Disorder Causes Permanent Damage!

In daily life, bad posture, that is, posture and posture disorder, actually pushes us to irreversible injuries without realizing it. Bad posture, on the other hand, is basically caused by many things. A generally sedentary lifestyle, weak muscle strength, wearing high-heeled shoes for women are some of them.

Injuries related to poor posture are not more immediate or acute injuries. Rather, it occurs because we have been in wrong and bad posture for a certain period of time. Here are some of the most common painful injuries as a result of postural dysfunction.

Painful Injuries Caused by Posture Disorder

Shoulder Impingement

Posture Disorder Shoulder Impingement
Posture Impairment Shoulder Impingement

Shoulder impact injuries occur when the space in the shoulder joint is reduced, resulting in compression of one or more of the tendons that pass through that space. The reason for the reduction in clearance is often related to poor posture. The chest muscles are tense due to lying in bed for a long time. This causes the shoulder joint to sit forward if the upper back muscles such as the lower trapezius and serratus anterior are weak.

Back Pain and Posture Disorder

Posture Disorder Back Pain
Posture Disorder Back Pain

Back pain has many different causes. In cases where back pain is not sudden but develops gradually, the problem is caused by poor posture. Poor posture strains the muscles and ligaments that support the lower back. This causes some muscles to overwork and muscle spasms and sometimes muscle strains. The most common posture factors that cause low back pain include difference in leg length, excessive pronation, and pelvic tilts that result in an arched waist.

Posture Disorder Causes Knee Pain

Posture Disorder Knee Pain
Posture Disorder Knee Pain

Often called anterior knee pain, this condition causes non-specific pain in the anterior part of the knee. It is especially felt when going down stairs or downhill. If you get pain in your knees when you stand up after sitting for a long time, you are experiencing advanced knee pain. It is more common in women because of the wider pelvis. Therefore, there is an increase in the angle between the femur and the patellar tendon (Q angle) in the knee. cause. It includes excessive pronation of the feet and weakness of the hip abductors.

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Correct Your Posture If You Don't Want Shoulder / Neck Pain!

Posture Disorder Neck Pain
Neck Pain in Posture Disorder

Pain and stiffness in the shoulders and neck are extremely common, especially in white-collar workers. While sitting, staring at the computer screen for hours, we feel ourselves falling into a position of shoulders and neck bent forward. Staying in this position every day weakens your pectoral muscles and the small postural muscles in your upper back and neck. This causes the trapezius neck muscles to work harder. Trying to correct these imbalances by stretching the chest muscles and creating endurance strength in the postural muscles such as Trapz Inferior and Serratus Anterior will provide relief in shoulder and neck pain.

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