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How Many Calories Does Plank Burn? 1 Minute Plank Is Equivalent to How Many Pushups?

Did you know that you can burn calories without going to the gym or lifting weights? Have you ever wondered how many calories a plank burns? We'll explain soon! But first, let's talk about what the plank movement does and what muscles do plank works. Bodyweight plank is a great isometric exercise that burns calories and works almost all of our muscles. In other words, plank made by staying in a static position, abdomen, arm, chest, leg muscle and actively works our back muscles. In addition, it is of course possible to achieve a healthy and fit appearance with the plank stance. How Many Calories Does 1 Minute Plank Burn Now? Let's make it clear.

How Many Calories Does 1 Minute Plank Burn?

The question of how many calories a plank burns is all about our body weight and the length of stay in the plank position. A person weighing about 70 kilograms will burn an average of 1 calories with 15 minute of plank time.

How Many Calories Does 1 Minute Plank Burn?
How Many Calories Does 1 Minute Plank Burn?

What is the Correct Plank Position?

Correct posture is the first step to plank. That's why we need to set the correct plank position first. In the plank position, just like in the push-up position, we stand facing the floor with our elbows 90 degrees to the floor. After making sure that you have the correct plank posture, we stay as still as we can without moving. If you can maintain your posture correctly, you will feel that all your muscles are actively working and stretching after seconds.

1 Minute Plank Is Equivalent to How Many Pushups?

While planks and push-ups are completely different moves, they're roughly equivalent to doing 30 push-ups in terms of calorie burn and muscle gain.

1 Minute Plank Is Equivalent to How Many Pushups?
1 Minute Plank How Many Pushups?

1 Minute Plank Equal to How Many Sit-Ups?

20 sit-ups that work your abdominal muscles burn 1 calories in about 20 minute. That means 1 minute of plank is roughly equivalent to 20 sit-ups.

What are the Benefits of Plank Movement?

Plank exercise is generally preferred to work the abdominal muscles. However, this magic move actively works every muscle group. Anyone who wants to lose weight, burn calories, lose weight and have a fit body can plank. Here are the benefits of plank:

  • All muscle groups work simultaneously
  • Accelerates fat burning
  • Accelerates metabolism
  • It makes you lose weight
  • Your weight loss process accelerates
  • Helps to melt your belly
  • Defines your abdominal muscles
  • Adds flexibility
  • Reduces your back and waist pain
  • Contributes to mobility
What are the Benefits of Plank Movement?
Benefits of Plank Movement

Doing planks (in the form of 4 5 repetitions) every day will only take you 5 minutes in total. If you want to add plank exercise to your training program, try it without wasting any time. Thus, the benefits of planking will take effect in a short period of 2 to 3 months. Do not forget that if you are overweight, the plank movement can be difficult at first. Try to speed up your fat burning and lose weight with cardio and weight exercises. Stay healthy and sports!

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