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7 Advantages of Working with a Personal Trainer!

Personal trainer – What does Personal Trainer mean? What are the advantages of training with PT for you? Is it necessary to hire and keep a personal trainer in order to lose weight, lose weight and gain muscle? Can you really lose weight with a personal trainer? We have detailed it for you in this article!

What Does Personal Trainer Mean?

Personal trainer aka personal traineris the person who will guide you in reaching your sports and healthy life goals, determine your training program, regularly monitor and guide your weekly and monthly fitness performance, weight, muscle and fat ratio. His area of ​​expertise is fitness – bodybuilding, that is, the correct performance of physical movements and issues concerning the health of the athlete. Personal trainer, as the name suggests, takes care of the person doing sports one-on-one and guides him/her in sports goals.

Benefits of Working with a Personal Trainer

working with a personal trainer
Working with a personal trainer

1) Goal Setting

Your personal trainer will help you set clear and attainable goals. It is your facilitator in your fitness journey. The first step in this journey is to set goals. For this, your trainer will evaluate your current fitness level and create a roadmap to your target fitness level. It will assign you small targeted milestones that are easier to achieve and give you strict time limits to reach those goals.

2) Motivation

Staying motivated is the hardest part of any fitness journey. Most people give up after a month or two. But a personal trainer personal trainerby noticing and building on small successes and holding you accountable for mistakes keeps you motivated. Follow your fitness program (see: fitness program for beginners) will adjust accordingly. This constant dose of motivation from your personal trainer will keep you on track.

PT personal trainer
Working with a PT personal trainer and its benefits

3) Sense of Responsibility

Paying a PT adds responsibility and a challenging element to your fitness journey. When you know someone is waiting for you at the gym, you don't want to skip sessions, do you? It pays off 🙂 Even if you are tired, you will still maintain a positive image in front of your coach because it will keep you on your toes until you reach your final goal!

4) Special Exercise Program for You

One of the most rewarding aspects of hiring a personal trainer is the expertise in creating a customized fitness plan. Your trainer will implement the best exercise program for you based on your personal health and fitness. He creates his training program keeping in mind your endurance, your desired goals and your own motivation for training.

5) Attainable Goals

Without personalized education, people often set unrealistic goals. This causes early abandonment of sports and distracts you from your goals. Working with a personal trainer will help you set realistic goals with a healthy progression from basic exercises to more intense ones as your endurance, muscle strength and posture improve.

hire a personal trainer
You can learn the movements correctly by renting a personal trainer.

6) Teaches Movements Correctly

If you go to the gym alone, you run a higher risk of injury. A variety of equipment and machines are available in the gym, and each equipment has its own characteristics and limitations. Not everything is for everyone, and it's important to choose equipment and weights based on your fitness level. Without a trainer, choosing the right equipment and working with the right weight and the right number of reps and sets is often difficult. (See: Is more reps or more weight better?) Each exercise has a correct posture. Improper practice of fitness moves can lead to a variety of injuries, so hiring a PT/personal trainer is essential for beginners.

7) Burn Fat, Lose Weight, Gain Muscle!

Most of the time, weight losers focus only on losing weight and their only concern is to lose weight on the scale. Unfortunately, by doing so, they do themselves more harm than good. Just losing weight is not enough. It only consumes your energy but reduces your strength. A personal trainer will help you learn how to build sustainable and healthy muscles that are beneficial to health in the long run! You feel happy in the mirror, not on the scale!

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Volkan Dinçer, a graduate of Marmara University BESYO, was born in 1992. Volkan, who started sports at a young age, worked as a PT in various fitness centers after graduation and currently continues to work as a personal fitness trainer in a gym.

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