How Do We Renew Our Cells With Autophagy?

What does autophagy mean?
What is autophagy, what is autophagy, cell renewal

self eating The Latin word meaning autophagy is a natural regeneration process that involves reusing damaged components in the cell for the formation of new cells. By understanding the basic logic of this process, you can include your body in the natural recycling program. So what exactly is autophagy, what does it mean, what are the benefits to the body, can we speed up the cell renewal process with an autophagy diet?

What is Autophagy? What are the Benefits to the Body?

Before moving on to the biological process stages, it is useful to look at the benefits of autophagy:

  • Reduces oxidative stress caused by free radicals
  • Improves the conversion of nutrients into energy
  • Eliminates toxins
  • Reduces inflammation in the body
  • Improves the activity of nerves
  • Supports the immune system and kills cancerous cells
  • Refreshes and regenerates aging cells

How is the Autophagy Process Applied?

autophagy process cell regeneration
cell regeneration by autophagy

The cytoplasm and organelles, which are the fluids in the cell, are recycled and renewed. Damaged cell fragments heal on their own. Insulin and glucagon, which are hormones produced by the pancreas and are important in regulating blood sugar levels, play an important role in the body's regeneration process. It breaks down cell parts into amino acids that can be reused in the formation of new proteins.

While your body releases insulin after you eat, fasting causes the release of glucagon as your blood sugar starts to drop. Glucagon signals your body to use glycogen in your liver to raise your blood sugar.

Autophagy Cycle in 4 Steps

Any or all of the following processes may be involved in the process to meet the body's needs. These steps describe the regeneration process of cells with different microorganisms.

What is Autophagy?
What is the autophagic process?

1. Parsing

2. Merger

3. Replacement

4. Using

The above phases can occur independently of each other. However, studies cite the benefits of diet and exercise to trigger this process and speed up cellular renewal.

The Importance of Autophagy Diet and Exercise

There are studies that both daytime fasting and calorie restriction can trigger autophagy. Fasting and calorie restriction stress the body's cells. Thus, when we limit the amount of food, we provide the necessary environment for our cells to function properly. we become.

When diet time is calorie restricted, cells work more efficiently. In response to the stress brought about by calorie restriction with autophagy diet, damaged cells are cleared and new cells begin to form. Restricting calories and starving stress the cells and trigger the process. However, another way to scientifically trigger this condition is to exercise regularly. Walking, running, cycling, and weight training accelerate the transition process.

In this article, we tried to briefly summarize what autophagy is scientifically. In order to trigger this process, do not risk your health by starving for a long time and dieting. most suitable for you diet program Consult your dietitian or specialist doctor before choosing one.

Last updated April 16, 2022