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The Answer to the Question Why I Can't Lose Weight!

Every time you go on the scale, I want to lose weight, but do you ask why I can't lose weight, why can't I lose weight? Does not being able to lose weight make you lose your motivation? If your answer to these questions is yes, if you say you can't lose weight no matter what you do, be sure to read the article. Because in this article, we will first learn what are the reasons that make it difficult to lose weight in order to get rid of the excess weight that we do not want.

As we mentioned at the beginning, we are aware that the questions of what should I do to lose weight, why can't I lose weight are asked a lot. Especially during the weight loss period, we all want the weight loss process to proceed smoothly and quickly. Therefore, first of all, we need to know what are the reasons that prevent weight loss. Here are some of the reasons that prevent weight loss:

I Don't Eat Anything Why Can't I Lose Weight?

To begin with, following a very low-calorie diet and starving ourselves does not actually make us lose weight. On the contrary, the sudden slowing of metabolism in the beginning is among the reasons that make it difficult to lose weight. It is extremely wrong to condemn our body to starvation while the body is not even used to it. Although it will have a short-term effect, it will not be a sustainable diet. In addition, when we eat a low-calorie diet, we feel quite tired and this affects us badly as motivation. Taking the carbohydrates, fats and proteins that our body needs and creating a healthy diet will not only force you in your weight loss process, but will also make you lose weight more easily.

Why can't I lose weight with diet without doing sports?

No matter how much you diet, if you have a sedentary life and never get up from your seat, it will be very difficult to lose weight. Even if you lose weight, your chances of losing muscle are quite high! Because although the number of calories you take daily is low, your metabolic rate will be slow because you do it in insufficient physical activity and you cannot burn the calories you take. Therefore, before asking the question why can't I lose weight, make sure to plan your exercise! Even if you don't work out weights, you can at least plan yourself a daily walk, bike ride or jog. (See: Is Running or Cycling Better?)

Hormonal Disorders Make It Difficult To Lose Weight

One of the important things that affect the metabolic rate can be hormonal disorders and diseases. Therefore, before starting the weight loss process, you should definitely consult a dietitian and a doctor. Because one of the most important reasons that make it difficult for you to lose weight is the disease state and hormonal disorders. Since these hormonal disorders slow down the metabolic rate, it also makes it difficult for you to lose weight.

Irregular Sleep Prevents Weight Loss

Another reason why I can't lose weight is irregular sleep. Sleep problems and irregular sleep habits are among the reasons that make it difficult to lose weight and lose weight. The later you go to bed, the closer you are to eating. Because the hormones in our hunger and satiety metabolism direct us to high-calorie foods during an irregular sleep. In addition, insufficient sleep makes you feel tired during the day, which leads to insufficient physical activity. That's why sleep is a must in the weight loss process. it is one.

Drinking Plenty of Water Makes You Weak, Drinking Less Water Doesn't Make You Weak

Drinking plenty of water weakens and it is very important to drink at least 2-2,5 liters of water a day to lose weight. Because dehydrating our body slows down digestion, which makes it harder to lose weight. At the same time, water creates a feeling of satiety. Drinking water half an hour before meals may cause us to consume less food at that meal. In addition, the more water we drink, the more water we remove from our body, namely edema. (See:Edema Remover Miracle Advice) Do not forget to drink plenty of water to lose weight!

“Miracle Food for Weight Loss?” fallacy

With the increasing presence of social media, some foods have recently been called miracle foods. If we include healthy foods in a healthy nutrition program, we will of course benefit from our weight loss process. However, a food alone does not make you lose weight, let's not forget that. If we stay away from foods that are high in carbohydrates and that will increase insulin, we will have already done the most miraculous thing to ourselves. In addition, it is always necessary to stay away from the 3 whites that make it difficult to lose weight Sugar, Flour, Salt..

Why Can't I Lose Weight, My Weight Changes Every Day?

Our body weight changes every day, even during the day. It is affected by the fluids we consume, the amount of food we eat, and even the number of times we urinate. Therefore, instead of being weighed every day, on an empty stomach, on an empty stomach, at the same weight, after going to the toilet and without clothes, it will give you the most accurate result. However, do not forget that the scale can mislead you. Therefore, before weighing, base your image in front of the mirror and use a tape measure to measure the incision for your waist circumference.

In summary, in this article, we have answered the question of why I cannot lose weight by talking about the reasons that make it difficult to lose weight. Mistakes Made in Diet We recommend you to read our article as well. Thus, you can spend your weight loss process in the most accurate and healthy way. You should always keep your motivation high during the weight loss period. Don't let your target weight be impossible. We would like to remind you that the weight lost in a short time is gained quickly. This process is a long and patient one, don't forget to accept it from the beginning and change your habits for your goals and make your diet sustainable. Taking small but sure steps will lead you to success. Stay healthy and sports!

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Born in 1984, Dr. Didem Gündüz completed her education at the Faculty of Medicine. After specializing in internal medicine, she completed her higher education in dermatology. Didem worked in various public hospitals for many years and is currently serving her patients in a private clinic.

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