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What Does Matcha Tea Do? Is It Really Weakening?

Here is the miraculous, declared the most useful plant in the world. matcha tea! Matcha, which comes from Japanese culture and is very beneficial for health, is the most popular tea of ​​the last period! So what does matcha tea do? What are the benefits, side effects and harms of matcha? Let's talk a little about these.

What Does Matcha Tea Do?

Matcha is actually the green tea plant we know. Camellia sinensisIt is obtained from. The biggest difference from other teas; It is to prevent the plant from seeing light by covering it 20-30 days before the harvest time. In this way, the unique formula of matcha is revealed. Afterwards, the collected tea leaves are cleaned and ground, and finally, intense green matcha powder is obtained. Matcha has a stronger and more concentrated formula than other types of tea. This makes it a tea that makes it unique and provides more benefits to the body. So what exactly does matcha tea do and what are the top 5 benefits to the body?

5 Important Benefits of Matcha Tea

1. A Complete Antioxidant Store

One of the most well-known antioxidants chlorophyll, catechin and polyphenol is quite rich. These substances, on the other hand, provide high benefits to the body with their effects such as cell repair and tissue repair. Thanks to its matcha content (due to antioxidants), it has a protective effect on the body against UV light.

In addition, matcha prevents infections and strengthens the immune system. It protects the body against cancer by destroying free radicals.

2. Helps Weight Loss

Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind when talking about what matcha tea does is burning fat and losing weight. So is this true? Because it contains very few calories lose weight, burn fat with matcha tea And getting rid of your weight is actually not a dream! According to research, matcha tea burns very fast! Due to the high caffeine it contains, matcha tea burns fat 4 times more than green tea! However, it would not be a very correct statement to lose weight by only drinking matcha. Because the indispensable golden rule of losing weight is correct and balanced nutrition. If you want to be among those who lose weight with matcha, you must pay attention to your diet.

3. Good for Memory

Since it contains more caffeine than other teas, it increases the energy in the body and increases the stimulation dose of the brain. Highly L-theanine contains the amino acid. This amino acid helps mental relaxation and increases alpha waves in the brain that fight stress. Consuming matcha also increases the production of dopamine and serotonin. These two chemicals have a memory-enhancing effect. Regular use of matcha You won't believe the increase in your concentration!

4. Reduces Stress With Its Calming Effect!

The main reason why it is usually consumed before meditation is the feeling of calmness it creates in the body. With its calming effect on the nerves, matcha is a complete stress reliever! Drinking matcha tea helps you relax and relax your mind. stress hormone in the body reduces cortisol has also been demonstrated by the studies carried out. We recommend 1 cup of Matcha tea, especially for those who want to stay away from the hustle and bustle of daily life...

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5. Boosts Immunity!

In addition to vitamins A and C in its content, it has a stimulating effect on the immune system due to iron, calcium and protein. It helps to protect the body by showing a wall effect against diseases. It facilitates the elimination of toxic substances in the body. It makes you more resilient.

Matcha Tea Side Effects and Harms

  • Matcha tea should be used with caution as it has a very strong effect.
  • It is absolutely inconvenient to consume during pregnancy and lactation!
  • Consuming matcha tea in excess can lead to liver problems, kidney damage and heart palpitations.
  • Because matcha contains high caffeine, consuming more than 2 cups a day can cause intestinal problems.
  • Depending on the soil in which the plant grows, it may contain heavy metals, some pesticides and harmful chemicals such as fluoride. For this reason, it is beneficial to consume organic matcha!

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As a result, we tried to explain to you what is matcha, what are the benefits and harms in this article. Those who use matcha tea should never exceed the determined daily usage amount. Of course, if you have different health problems, you should definitely consult your doctor beforehand against the possible side effects of matcha tea.

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