Fibrous Fruits List (10 High-Fiber Fruits)

fibrous fruits list 1
fibrous fruits list 1

Fruits, especially fibrous fruits, are indispensable miracle foods. There are so many benefits they offer us; contain vitamins, minerals, protein, quality fat, carbohydrates and high fiber. Especially when we eat fiber source fruits, we get most of the fiber value we need daily. So which fruits contain the most fiber? How should we consume high fiber source fruits? We will briefly address the answers to these questions. We will also share a list of high-fiber fruits while talking about the benefits of fibrous fruits! Happy reading already 🙂

Benefits of Fiber Source Fruits

Fiber, which has many health benefits, should not be missing in our daily diet. Unveiling new benefits of fiber every day. research This supports our statement. To summarize, we list the benefits of eating fibrous fruit for our body in short items:

  • Supports our digestion
  • Lowers LDL (bad) cholesterol
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Reduces cancer risk
  • Keeps our intestines working properly
  • Prevents constipation
  • It helps to lose weight if taken in a balanced and at the right time.

High Fiber Fruits List

Usually, we already meet most of the fiber we need from the fruits we consume daily. However, some fruits contain high fiber content, while others have less. You can find the list of high-fiber fruits that those who want to consume more fiber can benefit from below. (The information about how much fiber is contained in 100 grams of fruits is written.)

Avocado: 7 g

Blackberries: 6.6 g

Quince: 5.9 g

Pomegranate: 4 g

Pear: 3.5 g

Kiwi: 3.2 g

Apple: 3 g

Figs: 3 g

Banana: 3 g

Strawberry: 3 g

How Should We Consume Fruits Containing Fiber?

We need to consume high-fiber fruits as pulp, not fruit juice. In addition, fruits that are high in fiber and high in fruit sugar (fructose) are also on the list. For example, fruits such as figs, strawberries and bananas. It is necessary to consume these fruits very cautiously in order not to spoil our diet.

fiber fruit yogurt

Consuming fruit frequently in between meals and in the morning on an empty stomach is one of the most common mistakes made by people who want to lose weight and burn fat. Frequent intake of fructose in the morning on an empty stomach can cause you to feel hungry more quickly during the day and increase your blood sugar suddenly. Therefore, frequent fruit consumption will increase your blood sugar level (insulin), slow down your fat burning and make it difficult to stick to your diet list. It will be the healthiest method for people who want to lose weight to consume fibrous fruits together with home yogurt made with lactose-free milk. (Yogurt has the feature of balancing the sugar level in the blood.)

In this article, we have shared with you the list of high-fiber fruits and the points we consider important. Stay healthy and sports, see you in the next article…

Last updated February 16, 2021