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How to Do Leg Extension Leg Movement?

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In this article, we explain what is the leg extension, known as the leg extension exercise, which muscles it targets and works, and how the movement is done correctly, with visuals and explanations in detail!

What is Leg Extension and How Is It Made?

Extending the legs forward is done with a leg extension machine known as a leg lifter. You do the leg extension by sitting down and raising your legs up. Yes, while doing this movement, it may be a little difficult and your heartbeat may accelerate. This means that the leg extension movement is among the fat-burning exercises with a very good effect.

leg extension machine
Leg machine extension

Adjust the pedal according to your leg that you will raise with your foot in this movement with the machine. Make sure your back is in contact with the seat of the machine and sit back comfortably. Start with the knees at a ninety-degree angle and slowly lower back as you raise your feet to 180 degrees. The ideal number of repetitions is 2 repetitions with a high weight (forcing you in the last 10 reps) and 2 repetitions with a slightly lower weight (again, challenging you in the last 12 reps).

how to do leg extensions
Leg extension – leg extension movement
  1. Hold your hands firmly by the handles.
  2. Lift your legs up until they are as close to 180 degrees as you can without straining your waist and exhale.
  3. Make sure your back is leaning against the seat, do not lean forward.
  4. Inhale as you lower the weight.
  5. Complete the move by doing three sets of 10 to 12 repetitions.

Why Should You Do the Leg Extension Movement in Training?

Actively working your front leg muscles movement Be sure to include it in your training program. The most well-known benefits are as follows:

  • Accelerates fat burning
  • Raises testosterone levels
  • Helps increase your overall muscle mass
  • It is an isolated exercise that develops the front leg muscles the most.
  • Maximizes explosive power and strength of leg muscles
  • Having strong quadriceps muscles means you can hit the ball harder and faster while playing football.
  • You can kick your opponent stronger in martial arts

Leg Extension Alternate Moves

If you want to strengthen your legs and increase your overall muscle mass leg extension alternatives works your front leg and back leg muscles squatting, lung, curl (back leg) leg press movements training include it in your schedule and never skip your leg day.

Where Does the Leg Extension Movement Work?

what does leg extension run

You will actively work the quadriceps muscles, your lateral front leg muscles and develop your leg muscles, which is the largest muscle group.

What Are Other Names for Leg Extension Movement?

seated leg extension machine leg extension

Seated leg extension, sitting leg extension, machine leg extension, machine leg extension exercises are other names.


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Volkan Dinçer, a graduate of Marmara University BESYO, was born in 1992. Volkan, who started sports at a young age, worked as a PT in various fitness centers after graduation and currently continues to work as a personal fitness trainer in a gym.

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