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Let Your Back Legs On Fire With Leg Curl Movement!

In this article, we will talk about an indispensable fitness movement of leg days, which tightens your back legs and works in isolation. Do you remember the gym equipment called leg curl machine in fitness centers? With this tool, we can strengthen our hind leg muscles and accelerate its effect on total muscle development and fat burning. Come now, with all its details, one of the best leg muscle building exercises. leg curlsLet's talk about!

Leg curl is a movement that works the back legs and gets more efficiency, especially when done with a machine. Since the muscles in the hind legs are large, working with more weight will accelerate fat burning and muscle development, and the benefit of the movement will increase. Actually squat movement It is a movement that works both the hips, the front legs and the hind legs. But in the squat, the weight is distributed over both the hips and the front and hind legs. For those who only want to work the back legs, its benefits will have a serious effect on both fat burning and muscle gain. As with all movements, it is of great importance that this movement is carried out in an orderly manner. Let's see together how to do this move in the right way.

How to Do Leg Curl Movement?

  1. Lie facedown on the machine and the elbows are placed under the grips at the front of the machine. Some fitness machines do not have an elbow rest. In this case, it will be sufficient to grasp the places to be held firmly.
  2. Leg curl machine has the feature of being adjustable. Tall people should adjust the machine according to their height.
  3. According to the advice of some fitness professionals, 1 second positive and 1 second negative is enough for movements. Doing it for 1 second in your lifting and lowering movement allows you to get more benefits.
  4. If you get too much support from your hands while doing the movement on the machine, it may be possible to deteriorate the movement form. It is also important that the waist does not move in this case. It will be healthier for you to act by paying attention to these situations.
  5. According to your number of sets on other machines fitness hind leg movementYou can do it with that many repetitions.
What is leg curl and how is it done?
How to do the leg curl machine move

What Muscles Does the Leg Curl Movement Work?

It is among the best moves that work the hind legs in isolation. Among the muscles primarily worked hamstrings (back leg) takes place. It also actively works the biceps femoris, semitendinosus, semimembranossus muscles. Secondary calves (calf muscle) is also running. However, we do not recommend that people who want to work as a full calf directly prefer this movement. It is not possible to get a full efficiency because it runs secondary.

Best Leg Curls

Let's take a look at what are the best leg curls to inflame and effectively work your hind leg muscles.

Lying Leg Curl

You have to feel the movement completely in every repetition due to the isolated work of the hind leg muscles. It will not be a healthy choice for you to go into a very heavy weight and finish without feeling the movement. It is important to work with low weight and to feel your back leg muscles in every pull and lowering for proper movement. (See: Is more weight less repetitions or less weight more repetitions more effective??)

lying leg curl
Lying leg curl

You can start with squats before applying the isolated hind leg movement on your leg days. Since the squat will work both your hip and back leg muscles, it will be possible to get full efficiency from the next move, the leg curl.

Seated Leg Curl Movement

Another machine that is indispensable on leg days. standing leg curl machine. This machine, which is also used in the work of the upper legs, provides the work of the hind legs thanks to the other part. After placing your leg on the pedal, you can perform this movement by pushing down. Not just your back leg muscles; It is a machine that is fondly preferred by many athletes as it also works the calf and inner leg muscles.

seated leg curl
Seated leg curl

Standing Leg Curl Movement

As the name suggests, this leg movement is performed while standing. After the leg is placed on the pedal, the lower leg will be raised and lowered. This movement, which will also work the back leg, may not be effective in feeling the back leg muscles. The main reason for this is that we are standing while doing the movement.

standing leg curl
Standing leg curl

Standing leg curl Due to the fact that the movement is performed standing up, the other leg is also burdened. Sometimes it will be possible to feel your leg on the ground next to the leg you are lifting. In this case, we should say that much more load is placed on that leg and the position should be made more straight.

Dumbbell Leg Curl

If you do not have a curl machine in your salon, you can still train your back leg muscles, although it is not exactly equivalent to this machine. dumbbell leg curls You can complete your leg days with this movement. While doing this movement, you should lie on a mat in the prone position. Then, it will be enough to squeeze a dumbbell of the desired weight to the inside of both feet and lower and raise your lower leg just like on the same machine. You can increase the weights further if desired.

dumbbell leg curls
Dumbbell leg curl

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