How to Do a Lat Pull Down Movement?

lat pull down movement
How to do the lat pull down movement?

The back muscles are the second largest muscle group in the body. After the legs, we can say that the area where the muscle fibers are the most intense is our back. It is much easier to enlarge these muscles, which are common and hard in the back area, with Lat Pull Down! Therefore, we need to know what are the best fitness back movements for the back to expand and gain volume. In this article, we are talking about the upper back pull movement, which is perhaps the best among the back exercises. Here's how to grow back muscles fast How to do the Lat Pull DownLet's see together which muscles work in the back area.

How to Do a Lat Pull Down?

lat pull down
Lat pull down movement

First, let's explain the basic logic of this movement. As the name suggests, it means downward pull in English. In other words, it is a movement where we reach the bar with our hands from above and pull the weight down to our upper chest level. The lat pull down machine, on the other hand, is one of the tools we see most in fitness centers. Below you can see in detail how to move with the back traction machine.

How to do lat pull down?

The pull down movement, which we can also describe as a pull-down movement from above, is seemingly easy. However, the small increase in weights is one of the factors that make this movement difficult. For this reason, if you have just started fitness, we do not recommend you to do this move with high weights.

How to do the lat pull down movement?
How to do the pull-down movement from the top down to the back?

Especially by choosing the maximum weight you can lift in 12 repetitions, you need to complete the lat pull down movement without breaking your form. We take a deep breath while pulling the bar down to our upper chest level and exhale as we release the weight upwards. We can lift the weight in a more controlled way by taking our back slightly back and increasing the effect of the movement. Thus, we will get the maximum benefit from this movement and enlarge our back muscles in the most efficient way.

Where Does the Lat Pull Down Work?

Many muscle groups work in the pull-up movement of the back from top to bottom. However, we list the 5 most active muscle groups below:

What does the lat pull down run

1. Lats (Wing Muscles)

Wing muscles are an aesthetic muscle group that makes men look flashy and strong. It works actively when we pull our arm backwards.

2. Upper Back

Infraspinatus, which is one of the back muscle groups, actively works the reres major and minor muscles.

3. Trapezius (Trapezius Muscle)

It is the muscle group in the back of the neck that joins the shoulders to keep the neck stable. The neck is thick, it makes the man look majestic.

4. Posterior Deltoid (Back Shoulder Muscle)

If we move slowly while pulling the weight downwards and releasing it upwards, our back shoulder muscles will work more actively.

5. Biceps

The forearm, or more accurately, the biceps muscles work very well in traction movements.

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Lat Pull Down Movement Types (Video Lecture)

1. Medium Grip LatPull Down

YouTube video

2. Reverse Grip LatPull Down

YouTube video

3. Single Arm LatPull Down

YouTube video

4. Close Grip Lat Pul Down

YouTube video

5. Neutral Grip LatPull Down

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Last updated April 19, 2022