We Are Clarifying Whether Creatine Sheds Hair or Not!

creatine hair loss

Hair loss is a subject that is especially curious about those who are interested in bodybuilding and use creatine. In this article, it has been the subject of discussion for a long time. Does creatine shed hair? We'll talk about the issue. In addition, based on our research, we will clarify what kind of relationship there is between creatine and hair loss! Now let's take a look at what the research has to say about creatine and hair loss.

Relationship Between Creatine and Hair Loss

The root of the question of hair loss after creatine use is actually the DHT hormone. So what is this DHT? in 2009 a researchshowed that young athletes had increased levels of a hormone associated with hair loss after 3 weeks of creatine supplementation. This is the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is named. But wait, don't panic! Because hair loss was not evaluated in the research, only its effect on hormone levels was observed. In other words, a direct relationship with hair loss was not established in this study.

Creatine and Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) Levels

DHT actually reproduces from testosterone, a hormone we all know, and is more effective than that. When we look at the relationship between DHT and hair loss, there is no thesis that when DHT hormone rises in the body, hair falls out. Because this situation differs from person to person according to the genetic structure. However, in some studies, DHT It can bind to certain hormone receptors in hair follicles. is indicated. As a result of this, since there is less hair growth, it takes time to renew the lost hair and the hair may fall out. This hormonal state is more active in people who are genetically predisposed to hair loss. is working. Therefore, people who are genetically prone to hair loss may experience hair loss with the use of creatine. However, perhaps the biggest factor behind hair loss is our genetics. Hair loss is usually related to genetics. Therefore, the statement that the use of creatine directly causes hair loss is incorrect. Only someone who knows that their hair is falling and thinning should be careful considering that the use of creatine can increase the level of DHT.

creatine use and hair loss
Hair loss

CONCLUSION: Does Creatine Lose Hair?

Based on the researches, it is difficult to come to a definite conclusion that creatine causes hair loss. After all, DHT increases not only with creatine, but also when we eat fat, lift weights and do sports. Therefore, it is wrong to say that there will definitely be hair loss due to the increase in DHT. More research is needed to understand whether the increase in the hormone DHT due to creatine in general promotes hair loss. If you still have hair loss as we mentioned above, you may prefer not to use creatine. We also remind you that you should consult your doctor before using creatine, as in any supplement, even if your hair is thick. Stay healthy and sports!

Last updated May 8, 2021