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How Should Creatine Be Used?

In this article, one of the most scientifically researched supplements, creatine and creatine use We will share important information about you. Creatine, which is used by the body in case of energy need by contributing to intracellular development in the structure of the muscles, is one of the most demanded products by athletes engaged in bodybuilding and fitness. Alright how to load creatine, how to use creatine, is creatine used every day? In addition, we share with you the answers to the questions whether creatine is harmful or does creatine shed hair.

How to Use Creatine, What Does It Do?

According to studies, it is a fact that creatine contributes positively to muscle development by increasing performance. In order to increase energy use with exercise, voluntary muscle activities, the body provides its energy needs from ATP. ATP must be replenished rapidly in order to meet the energy demand cycle and to maintain the activity. At this point, keratin makes a positive contribution and accelerates the process.

Creatine Loading and Usage

The use of creatine is recommended as a monohydrate and 5 g per day. It is not mandatory to load creatine at first. Then, it is preferred to use creatine with a higher dose (1-15 g) loading for 20 week. You can do this loading in the form of 5 gr doses during the day. After 1 week, you can continue to use 5 gr daily.

Pre-Sports Creatine Use
Pre-Sports Creatine Use

There are different opinions about the use of creatine before or after sports. There is no right or wrong to this. It will be appropriate to use creatine half an hour before or after sports. (If you use pre-workout before sports, you can take creatine after sports.) You can also continue to use creatine on days when you do not do sports. Generally, it is important to take a break for a while after 1 month of use (1 week of loading and 3 weeks of post-loading period). However, as with all supplementary foods, you should use creatine in consultation with your doctor. You should take care to drink plenty of water while using creatine.

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Is Creatine Use Harmful?

No adverse effects of creatine in the body have been encountered in the studies conducted so far. On the contrary, it has been observed that it contributes to the increase in performance and supports muscle development to a certain extent. In addition, creatine, which is found more in meat products, provides more benefits for people who cannot consume meat very often and who cannot take animal protein. One of the best features is that it can be used together with other supplements and additional nutrients. For example; While you use protein powder, you can also use creatine. This is one of the most preferred combinations.

Does Creatine Use Hair Loss?

It is also necessary to clarify the question of whether creatine causes hair loss. Since it may provide a slight increase in the hormone creatine (Dihydrotestosterone), it may be due to your genetics, although the probability of hair loss is low. However, this is very rare. If you encounter such a situation, it would be better to stop using creatine.


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