Are You Ready to Meet Winter Sports?

what are winter sports
Winter sports names and photos

Although doing sports in winter is challenging in cold and windy weather, the most enjoyable part of winter sports is discovering new places in nature. Are you ready to increase your adrenaline level with winter sports accompanied by unique winter landscapes? After seeing the names and photos of winter sports, you will want to go on a holiday in winter just to do these sports!


winter hiking sport
Hiking sport in the snow in winter

You can easily do this sport, which means walking with snowshoes, with your family, spouse and children. Snowshoeing, which was an important form of transportation in winter in the past, has now become more popular. So take your thermos and explore the snowy landscapes and enjoy nature and winter walking in the snow. Get ready for a pleasant journey by dressing thickly with just a snowshoe and a snow jacket.


winter sports biathlon
Biathlon is a winter sport that is also the subject of the Olympics.

Perhaps one of the most difficult winter sports is Olympic Biathlon. This sport is a winter sport with running skis and rifle shooting. If you want to take biathlon training and start practicing, you can search for ski courses. In addition, although biathlon is a winter sport, biathlon training can be done easily throughout the year in cycling and skating fields.

Winter Mountaineering

mountaineering winter mountaineering sport
Mountain climbing and winter mountaineering in winter

Hiking in the snow may not be easy, yes we know that. And when it comes to climbing a snowy mountain? If you have a passion for mountaineering and are thinking of taking mountaineering training, you should definitely include winter mountaineering in your winter sports list.

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snowbiking winter sport
Snowbiking is an easy winter sport for those who love cycling.

Do you like cycling? Then meet snow biking, a fun and different winter sport! Snow bikes can be preferred by people who have not done snow sports before. Anyone looking for exciting winter activities can go snowbiking and take part in snow bike tours.


free skiing winter sport
freestyle skiing winter sport

Freestyle skiing is a dangerous winter sport that is preferred for skiing and snowboarding on poorly maintained terrain. It is also a sport where amateur skiers leave their place to more professional skiers. If you are a master skier, freeriding, that is, free skiing on steep slopes, will attract you. You can use the chairlift to climb up the mountain and reach the starting point. We can guarantee that you will enjoy the surrounding mountain scenery. You will feel your heartbeat at any moment as you slide rapidly on the mountain slopes.


ski sport skiing
ski sport skiing

Skiing, which is known as the most preferred and classic skiing, is a winter sport that those who take a winter holiday cannot give up. Bursa Uludağ and Erzurum Palandöken ski resorts in Turkey are the places where skiers visit the most in winter. Isn't it fun to glide through the snow on two thin sled boards?

Snowboarding (Single Board)

snowboard sport
snowboard sport

The snowboard that emerged after the 1950s is not different from surfing in the sea or skating on the road. We balance on a single board and slide rapidly down the slope in the snow. Although it is the most enjoyable winter sport in our opinion, do not try to speed up to avoid the risk of injury. If you have not snowboarded before, you can watch how to snowboard videos online.

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About Winter Sports

KDoing work sports requires quality sports equipment, as there is a small risk of injury. If you are going to snowboard or ski for the first time, you can rent your ski equipment at the ski facility of the hotel you go for ski tourism before purchasing. You can also start skiing yourself, but our advice would be to take ski lessons from a ski instructor. Because thanks to the trainer, you will learn many tactics such as how to fall. If you are constantly falling while skiing, do not give up immediately, try to improve yourself in snowboarding and skiing by practicing. The best part of snow gliding is that you will strengthen your legs and abdomen, and you will be away from all the stress of the year while gliding downhill.

Even if you have never done winter sports before, be brave and do not be afraid of falling. Determine your own travel route and include whatever sport you want to do on your list. Research and purchase your winter sports equipment and equipment according to your own taste. There are so many winter sports out there waiting to be discovered! Especially when winter Olympic sports are being held in our paradise country!

Last update 5 December 2021