What should I eat to gain weight, what should I do?

What should we eat to gain healthy weight?

If you are asking yourself what should I eat to gain weight, what should I do to gain weight, you are at the right place! Gaining weight in a healthy way is a process that requires patience and discipline. However, thanks to the healthy ways to gain weight, which we will share shortly, there will be no one who asks why I am very thin. Here are the steps to get rid of weakness and gain weight step by step!

I am very thin I want to gain weight

The first thing to do to gain weight is to take in more calories than we need to take daily. If you want to gain weight in a healthy way, this amount should be 300 – 500 calories more. The amount of calories you need per day from here you can calculate.

Consume Healthy Fats and Carbs

If you want to gain weight, you can increase the amount of healthy fats such as olive oil and coconut oil that you add to your meals and salads. In addition, those who are thin and want to lose weight will consume more carbohydrates and shorten their weight gain time. Of course, the important thing here is to gain weight in a healthy way. We should think of gaining a healthy weight as gaining weight by increasing muscle mass and without getting fat in the body. On the other hand, those who have a thin face and want to gain weight can choose complex (which holds more water in the body) bulgur, whole grain food, etc. should consume carbohydrates.

Intake of simple carbohydrates (sugar, packaged foods, biscuits, chocolate, carbonated sugary drinks, etc.) makes you gain weight unhealthy and causes you to become fat.

healthy oil olive oil

If You Want to Gain Weight, Have Frequent Snacks

Having frequent snacks will keep your stomach full and gain weight. In addition, if you have an appetite problem, frequent snacks will make you hungry more quickly. If you are having 3 main meals a day, you can add 3 snacks. If you ask what is the snack recommendation to gain weight, what to eat as a snack, our advice to you is raw nuts (walnuts, cashews, almonds, hazelnuts), fruits (banana, apple, pear, grape, pineapple) and tuna, smoked turkey sandwich, whole You can choose snacks rich in protein and carbohydrates, such as cereal toast.

It is useful to be careful when consuming nuts. In order to gain weight without getting fat, we should prefer raw nuts instead of salty and roasted nuts.

Include Exercises During the Weight Gain Period

If you want to increase your muscle ratio while gaining a healthy weight, you should include weight training that strengthens your body and increases muscle development. You should prepare a suitable and regular schedule for yourself and follow it.

The most confusing question is whether to do cardio during the weight gain period. Cardios are not only made to lose weight, 15 minutes to be done after weight training without hurting yourself. Cycling or jogging will increase your oxygen capacity while also making you feel more hungry.

exercise to gain weight

What Should We Eat To Gain Weight?

Below you can find the foods that you should choose during the period of healthy weight gain and muscle mass increase. Foods that will help you gain weight fast thanks to its rich content:

  • Protein-rich red meat, chicken, turkey meat
  • Whole wheat pasta, whole grain breads
  • Rich in starch; foods such as potatoes, corn, oats, pasta
  • Salmon, tuna, rich in healthy fats and omega-3
  • High protein egg
  • Full-fat cheese and yogurt
  • Nuts healthy dried fruits

protein-rich foods

Healthy Weight Gain Tips

You will not have any difficulty in reaching your desired weight thanks to these small weight gain tips that we will list to gain weight quickly and easily.

  • Do not drink water before meals during the weight gain period. Because water fills your stomach and prevents you from getting too many calories.
  • Enlarge your portions. Reducing the plate size will cause you to eat less. So increase your portion and plate size.
  • Add whole milk to your coffee.
  • Rest and sleep are very important for muscle development. Therefore, regular sleep is necessary for an increase in the amount of muscle during the weight gain period. Napping during the day will also make it easier for you to gain weight.
  • Do not leave your nuts with you. One of the important foods during the weight gain period is nuts, which are rich in fiber and oil. Consume at least a handful of nuts every day.
  • Increase the use of seasonings and sauces that give flavor to your foods. You will want to eat more because it is delicious and there will be an increase in calories.

In this article, the question of what should I eat and what should I do to gain weight? your answer We have told you in detail. In addition, we think that we have come to your rescue at the point where you say what are the ways to gain weight in a healthy way, how can you gain weight fast 🙂 First of all, you should see a doctor to see if your weakness is caused by a health-related problem. Health problems such as thyroid problems, cancer, diabetes or celiac disease can also be reasons for your weakness. If you do not have a health problem, you can apply the above-mentioned things in a much healthier and regular way with a dietitian. Also, do not forget to include sports in your life, exercise should not be done just to lose weight. Let's exercise during the weight gain period. Stay healthy and sports.

Last updated July 20, 2021