What Causes Right and Left Groin Pain, How Does It Go?

causes groin pain

Groin pain is a widespread health problem seen in many people in the community. If you have adopted a very stressful and sedentary lifestyle, you are likely to have pain. These pains are sometimes not effective in a way that limits or hinders your daily work. But what causes groin pain, what is the underlying cause of the pain should be investigated thoroughly. Because the pain in the groin may not mean anything by itself. Other diseases that cause groin pain, cause pain in the groin can.

What Causes Right and Left Groin Pain?

The reasons for the groin pain to be seen in the right and left regions are based on some diseases. Groin pain is seen as an effect of diseases.

  1. Hernia: Long-term pain is experienced in the body due to the hernia that may be in the groin area. In people with herniated disc, the pain can affect the inguinal region.
  2. Kidney Disorders: Inguinal pain can be experienced as the effect or first symptom of severe painful disorders such as infection or stone dropping.
  3. Constipation: Inability of the intestines to function, indigestion, gas causes in the groin pain. Long-term constipation affects other parts of the body very badly.

Many other diseases can also cause groin pain. However, the severity of the pain, which is mostly in the left groin, is high and has a value to be taken seriously. Because left inguinal pain is an indication of inguinal hernia. Left inguinal pain is more dangerous than right inguinal pain.

Groin Pain Symptoms

  • A mass, swelling, or lump in the groin area
  • Difficulty performing your sports exercises
  • Flu-like symptoms (fatigue, fever, sore throat, headache, cough, aches and pains)
  • Loss of appetite
  • Backache
  • Pain or itching in the genital area
  • painful urination
  • Pelvic or lower abdominal pain
  • rectal or vaginal discharge
  • swollen lymph nodes in the groin or elsewhere
  • Trouble walking and weakness of the hip muscles

What Causes Right and Left Groin Pain in Men?

The causes of groin pain in men are due to reasons such as straining. The cause of groin pain hitting the waist is usually caused by straining, lifting heavy loads and sudden movements. However, the same cannot be said for severe pain in the groin. Conditions such as infection or swelling of the lymph nodes, inguinal hernia and swelling of the testicles cause pain in the groin. Inguinal pain manifests itself as a result of damage to the organs in the abdomen. So we need to take this situation seriously.

Causes of Right and Left Groin Pain in Women

Inguinal pain in women is usually caused by the area where the reproductive organs are. Because of the menstrual cycles that occur every month, except for the disease, and during ovulation periods, women may have groin pain. When menstrual cycles are taken into account, women experience more inguinal pain than men. Infections in the ovaries can also cause groin pain.

woman groin pain

What Causes Groin Pain During Pregnancy?

During pregnancy, groin pain occurs without serious harm. But if there are symptoms that occur along with the pain, we should go to the doctor immediately. As the baby in the womb grows slowly, the mother's body tries to keep up with this situation. As the uterus grows, pains and cramps occur. Pain that can occur at any time of pregnancy is usually not a serious problem. (Temporary ailments such as gas problems)

How Does Groin Pain Pass?

First of all, groin pains are temporary pains that we can call insignificant most of the time. But we should not ignore this situation. If the severity of the pain increases and does not go away, we should definitely consult a doctor. Inguinal pain, which will occur with heavy loads of people who do sports on their own at home, can be relieved by rest or ice treatment to the painful area. We should avoid heavy workouts that cause groin pain. We must warm up our body before and after physical sports activities. For inguinal pain caused by hernia, we should give up movements that will put pressure on the waist area and climbing stairs. Groin pain will no longer bother us too much when we strengthen the bones and muscles and keep our weight within the ideal limit for our health. Stay healthy and sports!

Last updated June 26, 2021