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How to Build Abdominal Muscle? (The Most Comprehensive Guide)

There is a question that everyone who is interested in sports and starts doing fitness always asks and researches: “How to build abs?“Actually, there are 3 basic questions we need to ask ourselves before asking this question. The realistic answers we will give to these three questions will have already taught us step by step how to build abs in the fastest way. Here are some things to ask ourselves before we start building abs:

1. How disciplined and patient am I?

2. Am I eating “clean” and properly to define the abdominal muscles?

3. Do I do weights, cardio exercises with the best abs moves?

What You Should Know Before Build Abs

Before moving on to the answers to the above questions, a few important points should be mentioned. body fat ratioIt is essential for the visibility of the abdominal muscles to reduce the blood pressure to at least 12-15% in women. In men, on the other hand, the body fat ratio should decrease to 8-10% in order for the abdominal muscles to appear and become prominent. Of course, we must also take into account the body water ratio. Water ratio in the bodyThe lower our muzzle, the more prominent our abdominal muscles will be. All these show that it is not easy to build abs, but if you follow the rules of nutrition and sports, you can quickly build abs.

how to build abs
Abdominal muscles become evident over time as a result of diet and exercise

People who are overweight and high in fat should spend the time they will spare for sit-ups and other abdominal muscle movements before starting the abdominal muscle adventure. cardio- should devote to their exercises. Movements such as running, cycling, climbing stairs are indispensable exercises for the abdominal muscles. Because our main and first goal is to reduce your fat rate! For this, we should definitely not skip cardiovascular exercises.

After cardio, leg training, which is one of the general weight exercises, will also help us burn fat and show our abdominal muscles. Exercising the largest muscle group, the leg muscles, will directly increase our total fat burning rate. In addition, exercises that target leg muscles such as squats and deadlifts also actively work the abdominal muscles.

Is It Hard to Build Abs?

Let's ask this question again: how disciplined and patient do you have to be able to remove the abdominal muscles? To be clear, the abdominal muscles are the most difficult to define muscle group. For this reason, do not be impatient by constantly questioning when the abdominal muscles will come out and do not lose your motivation as a result. If you have just started sports and your fat ratio is high, gaining abdominal muscles in a short time cannot go beyond a dream.

Discourses such as how to build abs in 1 week, and abs program in 1 month are completely urban legends. But we can achieve the goal by working with discipline and doing the best moves for cardio and abs. Here we advise you to be patient and disciplined rather than giving you some time! In women, this period may be slightly longer than the nutrition and weekly training program.

abdominal muscle movement
A long working time may be required for the abdominal muscles to become evident.

Importance of Nutrition for Abdominal Muscle

A correct and clean nutrition program is a must for both men and women to develop abdominal muscles. The foods that we should stay away from here are foods containing sugar and simple carbohydrates. It is beneficial for us to keep good relations with healthy oils. Did you know that by eating fat, you can burn fat and remove your abs?

Foods containing high quality unsaturated fats such as salmon, olive oil, avocado, walnuts are very important. In addition, such as eggs, red meat, chicken protein powder or foods high in protein will help to build abs. Of course, you should not forget to eat plenty of greens and drink plenty of water while doing the abs diet. During the abdominal muscle diet, it is necessary to stay away from snacks as much as possible and get used to being hungry.

abdominal muscles in women
Building abs in women is as difficult as in men.

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The Most Effective Abdominal Exercises

We reduced our body fat rate to a certain level with training and proper nutrition for the abdominal muscles. Of course, we didn't forget cardio in this process. So now it's time to enlarge and define our weak and small abdominal muscles. Now, we can keep the time we allocate to cardio at the end of the training a little shorter and spare time for the abdominal muscles beforehand!

Although the abdominal muscles have a complex structure in terms of anatomy, we can simply divide them into 3 groups: lower, upper and lateral abdominal muscles. Also from this article adonis muscles You can get information about Now let's share which are the best exercises for these abs. Here are the most effective abdominal movements that we shared with you regarding the question of how to make abdominal muscles:

1. Cable Crunch

The crunch movement, which actively works the abdominal muscles, is the most effective upper abdominal muscle movement. Pull the rope down and tighten your abs until your elbows are close to the floor. You should also be careful not to bend your waist and back. If you do the crunch movement regularly with diet and cardio movements, you will witness that the fat in the upper abdomen disappears quickly.

cable crunch abs workout
Cable Crunch Movement

2. Woodchops

It is one of the best abdominal exercises that actively works your side abs. Set the cable to its highest position. Grab the handle with one hand and stand a few steps away with your feet shoulder-width apart. As you rotate your torso, pull your arm down and over your body towards your front knee. Rotate your back foot and bend your knees to continue the movement.

woodchops abs exercise
Woodchops Movement

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3.Leg Raises

One of the hardest but most effective abdominal exercises to do is leg raises. While doing this movement, known as leg lift, try to keep your torso steady and raise your legs without breaking them. If you do the leg raise regularly, you will see that your lower abdominal muscles gradually emerge and take shape. You do not need to worry about how the lower abdominal muscle develops, leg raise so try the leg raise!

leg raises abs
Leg raises

4. Shelf

Plank is perhaps one of the best movements that comes to mind when we say abs when we say abs. In the push-up position, your feet should be together, your arms slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, and your body weight on your arms. While doing plank, the most important thing is to feel the burning by squeezing your abdominal muscles. If you want to know how many calories you can burn by doing this move How Many Calories Does Plank Burn? You can read our article.

plank abs workout
Plank Movement

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Build Abs

  1. How Do Abdominal Muscles Become Prominent?

    If you want to define your abdominal muscles, you need to reduce your body fat percentage. For men to develop abdominal muscles, the fat ratio should reach 10%.

  2. Does Sit-Up Pull Abdominal Muscles?

    You can increase your abdominal muscles by doing sit-ups. However, this alone is not enough. The first thing to do to gain abdominal muscle is to accelerate fat burning by lifting weights and doing cardio.

  3. How to Get the Fastest Abdominal Muscle?

    You can do cardio on an empty stomach in the morning to quickly reduce your fat percentage and remove your abdominal muscles. In addition, you should not neglect abdominal muscle movements after weight training.

  4. Why Doesn't Abdominal Muscle Come Out?

    If your body fat and water ratio is high, you cannot see your abdominal muscles no matter how muscular you are.

  5. Is Cardio Necessary When Building Abs?

    If you want your abdominal muscles to become prominent, you can focus on interval cardio after weight training.

  6. How to Build Lower Abdominal Muscle?

    Lying down or hanging on to the bar, leg lifts work the lower abs area very well. Make sure to work the lower abdomen, which is the hardest melting area, with leg lifts after each workout.

  7. How to Build Abdominal Muscles in Women?

    Abdominal muscles in women are more difficult to shape than men. Because women retain more water in their bodies due to the estrogen hormone. If your fat ratio is below 15% and your body water ratio is low, the abdominal muscles will gradually begin to appear. The most effective abdominal muscle movements that you will do together with the diet will accelerate this process.

Abdominal Muscle Movements Video Narration

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    • Remove sugar from your life and use protein and healthy fat sources, you need to reduce carbohydrates.

  1. Should women be different from men when building muscle, can you give information about the studies and the foods eaten?

    • Abdominal muscle movements in women are the same as in men, the important thing is stability, nutrition and correct abdominal movements.

  2. Are other most effective abdominal exercises possible? If I use the information in your article, I can be successful, because it will be useful in melting belly fat, I want to build abs as soon as possible thanks to your information, thank you very much.

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