What is Nutrition According to Blood Type? How Healthy Is It?

blood type diet
How is Nutrition Made According to Blood Type?

The most important step in losing weight and burning fat is to find the best diet for you and start. There are many diets and nutrition types such as ketogenic, if, low carb, atkins, vegan. However, there is another type of diet that everyone is curious about: Nutrition according to blood type. So what is the blood group diet and how is it done? The idea of ​​nutrition according to blood groups for ideal weight was first developed by doctor Peter D'adamo. In this nutrition theory, there are four main blood groups; It is based on 0, A, B, AB blood groups.

The blood group diet is based on what foods 0, A, B, AB blood groups should eat. It also includes foods that should and should not be consumed in the blood group diet. In addition, exercise plans and additional food supplements (supplements) can be applied according to blood type.

How is Nutrition Made According to Blood Type?

According to the blood in your body, it is thought that with proper nutrition, what you eat will be digested more efficiently. So, what are the foods you should eat and what you should not eat according to your blood type?

nutrition diet according to blood group
blood group diet foods

Nutrition by 0 Blood Type

Foods for 0 blood group to eat; red meat, poultry, fish and seafood. He should consume iodized salt, spinach and broccoli. However Forbidden foods in 0 blood group diet: They should not consume cereal products, bread, grain vegetables, foods containing wheat, dairy products, eggs and oil.

Nutrition According to A Blood Group

Foods that blood group A should eat: cereal products, vegetables, fish or chicken, soy proteins, pumpkin, carrots, broccoli, spinach, plums, cherries, garlic. With this Foods you should not eat on the A blood group diet: red meat, dairy foods, salami, sausage, tomatoes, potatoes, oranges, tangerines, cabbage, roasted peppers, tropical fruits and citrus fruits should not be consumed.

Diet by Blood Type B

Foods for B blood group to eat: dairy foods, beef, turkey, fish, olive oil, green leafy vegetables, potatoes, cabbage and mushrooms. However Foods to avoid in B blood group: corn, wheat, sesame, hazelnut, lamb, chicken meat these should not be consumed.

Diet by EU Blood Type

Foods for AB blood group to eat: tomatoes, seafood, vegetables, turkey meat, yogurt and eggs. With this Foods that AB blood group should not eat: veal and beef, chicken meat, garlic, vinegar, pepper and animal foods should not be consumed.

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Is It Healthy To Eat According To Blood Type?

Before you start the blood type diet, you need to think well. Even if you do not have health problems, you should definitely see a doctor. In addition, nutrition according to blood type is not scientific yet. Therefore, it can lead to health problems such as heart disease, kidney disease and cancer.

Last updated August 27, 2021