What is gynecomastia? (Men's Fearful Dream)

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What does gynecomastia mean, why does it happen?

Have you ever encountered the word gynecomastia before? The biggest fear of today's men, breast enlargement disease, does not attract our attention because we usually associate it with weight. Although there are no significant structural differences, the male breast is smaller than the female breast. There is only one reason why the male breast is smaller; Insufficient secretion of estrogen hormone in the male body. However, in some cases, the male breast may begin to grow abnormally and take the form of a female breast. This disease has a medical name: Gynecomastia.

What Does Gynecomastia Mean?

Breast enlargement symptoms and treatment in men

It is derived from two Greek words. These; gyne (female) and masti (breast). It literally means 'to have breasts like a woman'. In men, enlargement of the breasts and nipples, usually in galndular tissue, is called gynecomastia. Although this situation is negative in appearance, it is not harmful to health; however, it can cause pain and suffering in some patients.

Considering human life, it has been determined that it is more common in 3 stages; infancy, adolescence and over middle age. Young men suffering from the disease may experience embarrassment when swimming or playing sports. This situation can cause physical posture disorders as well as psychological insecurity and introversion. On the other hand, growth can occur in a single breast as well as in two breast tissue. Aesthetic and plastic surgery for the disease that can be treated today doctorcome into play.

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What is gynecomastia, how is it passed?

Types of Gynecomastia

The incidence of breast enlargement disease in men is extremely high. So much so that 5 out of every 1 men in our country suffers from this condition. Although it does not pose any health risk if it is not treated, it can cause ridicule among men. Although this situation is not considered important in the first place, if it persists, it can cause various psychological problems. Of course, at this point, how comfortable you are with yourself is of critical importance. Types of gynecomastia it is as follows;

  • glandular type: This type has hardened mammary glands, similar to the female breast, but not producing milk.
  • oily type: In this type, the weight is in the adipose tissue and usually occurs in cases of excessive weight gain and loss.
  • mixed type gynecomastia: Contains the features of the other two types.

Gynecomastia Symptoms

Many people who heard the name of the disease Gynecomastia symptomsHe sets out to research to find out. One of the most important symptoms of this ailment is the tenderness of the breasts. In addition, pain and pain in the breasts are the most common symptoms. In such cases, you can seek early diagnosis by consulting a doctor.

Another symptom is discharge from one or both nipples. However, since gynecology can develop in one breast, size differences may occur between the two breasts. The lump felt under the nipple and swelling in the armpit lymph nodes are other symptoms.

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What Causes Gynecomastia?

Serious diseases and drugs can be counted among the biggest causes. For example; It is known that severe liver diseases such as cirrhosis are effective in the emergence of gynecomastia. In addition, a stomach medicine used a long time ago can also cause the disease. The disease mostly occurs without any reason. Despite that, body building People who are interested in sports are at higher risk of developing the disease. The reason is the high male hormone taken to increase muscle mass. Contrary to popular belief, the male hormone is not permanent in the body and is removed from the body after its use. Then, a search substance resembling a female hormone is formed. When this substance is in excess in the body, it accumulates in the breasts and causes gynecomastia.

Gynecomastia Surgery and Treatment

The definitive cure for the disease gynecomastia surgery however, at this point, it is also important why the disease occurs. If the disease has occurred due to a hormonal disorder, it is diagnosed and treated by an endocrinologist. The size of the tissue disc is also extremely important during treatment. If the size of the tissue is less than 4 cm, the patient is checked with periodic examinations lasting 3-6 months without any intervention.

If the mass is between 4-6 cm, medical treatments are activated. These treatments vary from patient to patient. In cases where the patient's mass is larger than 6 cm and the patient's complaints cannot be reduced, the disease is treated by applying surgical intervention. The following question usually comes to the mind of people who are treated; Does gynecomastia recur?? The answer to this question is related to whether the breast tissue is completely removed or not. The disease does not recur when the breast tissue is completely removed; However, if the breast tissue is not completely removed, there is a risk of recurrence of the disease.

Last updated June 5, 2022