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Colorful and Luminous Gel – Prosthetic Nail Models

Hand and nail care is an area where women do not compromise for their beauty. Naturally, false nails, referred to as gel prosthetic nails, continue to be the number one choice of women for many years. Because nail extension is not a very practical and easy method for every woman. Due to the nail structure, weakly broken nails are replaced by long prosthetic gel nails, which are now trendy. So how long are the prosthetic nails used, how much are the prices of the prosthetic fake nails, how is the prosthetic nail making? Also, what are the gel prosthetic nail models that women prefer the most in 2023 according to their tastes?

Prosthetic Nail Making and Application

There are 3 different methods in terms of the way the prosthetic nail is applied. These methods, which also vary in price, should be done in well-known and recognized beauty salons. As a result of the wrong application of different methods, it may become possible to get a germ.

One of the most used and loved methods gel nail method. In this method, gel is used. Nail shape is given with the help of a brush and in this way, optional nail size can be obtained. It can be preferred because it is an easy nail model in terms of use. Except that acrylic nail models It is also preferred because of its quality and service life. It provides easy use if well taken care of, usually within a 1,5 and 2 month period. the last method dipping nail This method is also preferred by many celebrities abroad. Thanks to different elements, it is possible to extend the nail as much as the person wants. Since it is an odorless method, it is often preferred by women.

How Long Is the Gel – Prosthetic Nail Used?

Gel prosthetic nail application is a method that provides approximately 1,5 to 2 months of use. The difference in the nail model to be used is decisive in the change of the duration. It is known that the nail model to be chosen varies according to the finger shape. In order to have more well-groomed nails, the selected nail model should also adapt to the hand. In addition, after the prosthetic nail is applied, daily routine works can be continued without any problems. If false nails that are directly attached to the nail are preferred, they can be used for approximately 1 week.

2023 Prosthesis – Gel Nail Prices

The starting price of prosthetic gel nails in 2023 varies in the band of approximately 15-20 dollars (300-400 TL). The prices of artificial gel nails, which take longer to make gel nails and have detailed patterns and color transitions, are also increasing compared to nail models.

Do False Nails Damage Nails?

It is possible to buy these fake nails from institutions that sell many cosmetic materials. In addition, these fake nails to be used must also be of good quality. Nails with better brands should be purchased, especially since adhesives damage the nail. If this factor is taken into consideration in terms of use, it provides great comfort. Filing operations can also be performed in different ways.

Best Gel Prosthetic Nail Models – Short and Long Designs

Long prosthetic light and dark medium gel nail models
Light white and pink gel nails
Light white long and pink medium size false nails model
Pink and glittery gel prosthetic nail model
Pink and glittery long gel nail models
Pink heart gel prosthetic nail model
Short gel prosthetic models with pink hearts
modern design prosthetic gel nail
Modern design medium size gel nail gel models
Light pastel color long gel false nails
Pointed and patterned prosthetic nail models
Pointed and patterned prosthetic nail models

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